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New technology could prevent a fatal accident

On Behalf of | May 6, 2019 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents, Firm News

Spring is in full swing. With summer right around the corner, it may seem like everyone is out and about. Crowded Connecticut roads often mean a higher risk of a fatal accident, and the state is taking measures to prevent injuries. 

Recently, the state decided to try a new way to prevent wrong-way crashes, which are often deadly. If a driver is headed the wrong way on a street, highway or exit ramp, the driver is at risk as well as anyone else in or near the roadway. A new system has been launched to prevent these types of motor vehicle accidents. 

Now, if a sensor detects a vehicle headed in the wrong direction in a lane of travel, specifically an exit ramp, lights will flash on a sign to warn the driver. If the driver fails to correct course, subsequent signs and sensors will begin to record video and contact local law enforcement to intervene. Similar systems in Connecticut and other states have been tested in the past, and seem to greatly reduced the potential for a fatal accident. Naturally, there are still many other scenarios in which a fatal accident may occur, and perhaps in the future, similar technology could be adapted to prevent a wider variety of risks. But for now, at least it’s a start. 

When a fatal accident occurs in Connecticut, surviving friends and family may be at a loss about how to proceed. Hospital bills, burial costs and other expenses often accrue quickly in these circumstances. An experienced personal injury attorney can help surviving family members bring the driver believed responsible to justice in civil court. 


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