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Drunk driver causes motorcycle accident

On Behalf of | May 23, 2019 | Firm News, motorcycle accidents

Summer is coming, and motorcycle drivers are back on the roads. Connecticut motorists must take extra care to watch for persons on foot, motorcycles, bicycles and smaller vehicles. Everyone knows it is against the law to drink and drive, but some motorists choose to disregard this important law and take lives into their own hands. Recently, a woman under the influence of alcohol caused a serious motorcycle accident. 

A motorcycle driven by a Connecticut man was struck by a much larger vehicle driven by a Connecticut woman. The crash was serious, and the victim on the motorcycle suffered life-threatening injuries. When police responded, they determined that there was enough evidence to arrest the female driver for DUI. 

The crash remains under investigation. Police are asking anyone who may have witnessed or can provide information about the accident to come forward. There is no update as to the condition of the victim, but hopefully he will be able to make a full recovery. 

When a person becomes the victim of a motorcycle accident, he or she may feel helpless. Medical bills, insurance matters, and lasting physical pain and suffering can be an enormous burden when a victim is trying to recover physically and mentally from an accident. Many victims choose to seek aid from an experienced attorney. An attorney can help a victim utilize the court system to collect any monetary damages he or she may be owed to help cover some of these expenses and help a victim leave the accident behind and prepare for the next ride. 


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