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Fatal auto accident results in fire

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2018 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents, Firm News

All a Connecticut resident need do is turn on the television and watch a few shows and commercials to see scenes of friends and family traveling here and there to celebrate the holiday season with loved ones. While certainly, these heart-warming scenes are meant to encourage togetherness and excitement, they fail to represent the reality. A fatal auto accident can claim innocent lives, and families are left to pick up the pieces. 

Recently, a Connecticut road became a gruesome scene after a car collided with a pickup truck. The car was sent careening into a fence upon impact. The vehicle then burst into flames, and attempts to rescue the driver failed. 

The driver of the truck survived but suffered injury. Police immediately launched an investigation into the crash. Though the victim has not yet been publicly identified, law enforcement has indicated that speed may have been a factor in the crash, and they warn that charges may follow further investigation. 

When a person becomes the victim of a fatal auto accident, his or her family may be understandably distraught. In a time of such grief and loss, legal matters may feel overwhelming. In many cases, an experienced attorney can be of great assistance. An attorney can help the family of the deceased victim as they attempt to bring the driver responsible to justice. Medical bills, funeral expenses and other matters should not place a further burden on families who have already suffered great loss, and an attorney may be able to help set things right in a court of law. 


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