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Driver caused horrific motorcycle crash

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2018 | Firm News, motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle enthusiasts often band together for a ride, sometimes to raise awareness for a certain cause and sometimes just for fun. Connecticut drivers may have seen such an event in their travels. Drivers in larger vehicles should always exercise extra caution when traveling near smaller vehicles like motorcycles because, in the event of a motorcycle crash, its operator may be largely unprotected, and can suffer serious injury or death if stricken by a larger car or truck.

One Connecticut driver showed complete disregard for the safety of others when she took to the road under the influence. She was later discovered to be under the influence of two prescription drugs — many of which can affect one’s ability to drive even if taken according to directions — and more than the legal limit of alcohol. Many prescription medications warn patients that they may be impaired by side effects, and some medications ought never be mixed with alcohol.

The woman swerved into oncoming traffic and crashed into a convoy of 18 motorcycles. One woman, a mother with young children, was killed. Other riders were severely injured, including one man who lost his leg as a result of injuries suffered.

When a motorcycle crash is directly caused by the careless or negligent behavior of another party, victims and their families may find themselves at a loss for how to proceed. Medical bills, funeral expenses, insurance matters and other stressful situations can stack up quickly. Victims or their families may want to consider the services of an experienced attorney. An attorney can help victims bring a lawsuit against a careless driver and help ensure that, at last, justice is served by a court of law.


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