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Pedestrian accident at car show injures two

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2018 | Firm News, pedestrian accidents

Car shows can be an exciting way for families to spend time together. Even people that are not thrilled by the automotive displays can enjoy good food, live music and a few hours outside with their loved ones. Most car shows in Connecticut have strict rules to help keep patrons stay safe, but when people disregard these safety guidelines, there is an enormous risk for a pedestrian accident

Recently, a father and son made their way to a car show sponsored by the local police department. To help keep the event safe, Connecticut police posted the rules days in advance on social media and also on signs at the event. One of the posted rules was “no burnouts.” A burnout is a maneuver in which a driver attempts to rev the engine and make the tires smoke to impress the crowd. This can be dangerous for people on foot because if the stunt is not executed properly a vehicle can easily speed off out of control. 

A female driver chose to attempt a burn out despite the rules prohibiting such actions. She was not able to maintain control of the vehicle and wound up driving across several lanes of traffic. Before coming to a stop, the woman crashed into the father and son, injuring both. 

When a fun day ends in a pedestrian accident injury for innocent victims, it can feel overwhelming. Victims may want to take legal recourse against the negligent party that caused their injuries. In many cases, an experienced attorney can explain the process and get the ball rolling so that victims are not left alone to fend for themselves in the aftermath of the incident. 


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