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Motorcycle crash victim loses life.

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2018 | Firm News, motorcycle accidents

Connecticut drivers would likely agree that in addition to watching out for pedestrians, animals, bicyclists and other vehicles that often share the roadways, it is important to keep an eye out for motorcycles as well. Many consider motorcycles to be a fun and exciting way to travel, and while that may be true, they can also be quite dangerous. Due to the very nature of riding a motorcycle, the driver is largely unprotected, except for personal safety gear. This means that any motorcycle crash has an increased probability of resulting in serious injury or death. 

On June 3, a man was traveling through the streets of New Britain on his motorcycle. Unfortunately, he became involved in a collision with a car driven by a 30-year-old woman from a neighboring town. The driver of the motorcycle suffered serious injuries as a result. 

Responders made a valiant effort to save the man’s life. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment, but he had tragically suffered life-threatening injuries. Shortly after he arrived at the hospital, the man was pronounced dead. At this time, police have not released the names of either driver, and the crash remains under investigation. 

A motorcycle crash can occur in seconds. Often, the accident itself comes as such a shock, victims and/or their families may find themselves unsure of what to do next. On top of the grief that comes with losing a loved one in such a sudden manner, the surviving families of a victim must also determine how to navigate funeral expenses, insurance matters, medical bills, and legal proceedings. In a time of such overwhelming tragedy, many find it helpful to seek the services of an experienced attorney, who may be able to help victims and their loved ones decide on an appropriate course of action, and begin their journey along the road to recovery.


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