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Weekend motorcycle accident leaves man dead

On Behalf of | May 15, 2018 | Firm News, motorcycle accidents

Connecticut residents may find themselves among the thousands of Americans who enjoy driving motorcycles, both as an efficient method of transportation and an enjoyable pastime. While certainly, most motorcyclists will say that nothing can match the thrill of a beautiful day on the open road, they also know that there is always the risk of a serious motorcycle crash. While obeying speed limits and other traffic laws, proper safety courses and wearing a helmet can go a long way to prevent tragedy, the potential for motorcycle accident injury remains a major concern.

Recently, on I-95 Northbound, a 30-year old man somehow lost control of his motorcycle. He was thrown from the bike. The portion of the highway where the crash occurred had three northbound lanes, and the rider and the motorcycle were subsequently struck by a box truck and a sedan.

The driver of the motorcycle was pronounced dead at the scene. Connecticut police are currently investigating the circumstances of the crash. No other injuries were suffered, but the northbound lanes of the interstate were closed for some time.

A serious motorcycle crash, especially one that results in fatality, can affect the lives of families and loved ones forever. It can be difficult to comprehend such a sudden loss of life. Often, in the days and weeks following a motorcycle accident, it can be difficult for families to keep up with medical bills, potential lawsuits, funeral expenses and insurance matters. Many find it helpful to seek the assistance of an attorney, who may be able to help families deal with the legal issues that inevitably follow a tragedy of this nature.

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