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Mother of 2 killed in pedestrian accident

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2018 | Firm News, pedestrian accidents

When leaving for work, most people expect to make it home by the end of the workday. However, as people walk to their place of employment, whether it be from their home, parking lot or train station, there is a risk of being involved in a pedestrian accident. In the busy morning hours of a workday, it is important for Connecticut drivers to be aware of pedestrians walking in or near the roadway.

Earlier this year, a 58-year-old mother of two lost her life when she was reporting to work. As she exited the train station near her job, she was struck by a van driven by a 29-year-old man. It is reported that soon after 7 a.m., the driver was making a right hand turn when he struck the woman. The man remained on the scene for the arrival of medical help for the pedestrian. She later died from the injuries she suffered in the accident.

After an investigation, it was determined that the woman was in the designated crosswalk when she was struck. The driver was found guilty of driving recklessly. He had been charged with manslaughter for the death of the pedestrian. 

It is difficult enough for a family to cope with an unexpected passing of a loved one. However, when the death was caused by the negligence of another, such as a pedestrian accident, it can cause a grieving family more pain, especially if there are unexpected burdens such as paying end-of-life expenses. Connecticut families who are facing similar circumstances can contact a personal injury attorney to file a wrongful death claim. With a successfully litigated claim, a monetary award may be granted to the surviving family to cover financial losses resulting from a fatal accident. 

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