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Man dies in fatal accident after driver fails to stop

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2018 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents, Firm News

A driver’s quick look off the road can result in serious injury or a deadly accident. It’s a common occurrence to many Connecticut drivers as one may take a look down at the radio, phone, food, etc. However, as soon as a driver’s gaze is redirected back to the road, he or she may see a stopped car only a few feet away. Many times, that’s all it takes to cause a fatal accident.

Recently, an elderly man lost his life in a similar accident. The car crash involved multiple vehicles early on a Friday morning. As the car approached a traffic light, the driver failed to stop, slamming into the stopped vehicle in front the car. This, in turn, caused a chain reaction, as two other vehicles were also hit.

The driver was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries, while the 87-year-old passenger was unresponsive at the scene. Unfortunately, the passenger later died at a local hospital. There were minor injuries reported from the occupants of other vehicles involved in the accident.

It can seem unfathomable to lose a loved one due to a simple negligent mistake on the roadway by another driver. To help cover unexpected expenses, such as funeral and burial costs, a successful litigated claim in a wrongful death from a fatal accident may bring some financial assistance. If facing a similar situation, it would prove beneficial to enlist the help of an experienced Connecticut attorney to initiate filing a wrongful death claim.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Winsted Man Killed in Multi-Vehicle Crash in Bristol“, April 20, 2018


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