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Connecticut motorcycle crash kills woman

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2017 | Firm News, motorcycle accidents

There is a reason that awareness campaign signs urge drivers to watch out for bikers. It is because death or serious injury often occur as a result of a motorcycle crash. Since motorcyclists are more exposed to the road while they ride, they face an increased danger of personal injury should they become involved in an accident. Often a tragedy can be avoided with careful, sober driving. Unfortunately, in Connecticut a woman recently lost her life as a result of an apparent drunk driving incident. 

The victim of the crash was a 59-year-old passenger on a motorcycle. She was riding with her husband when a 35-year-old man struck the bike and then fled the scene. Reportedly, he was later found covered in vomit and visibly intoxicated. He had abandoned his vehicle in a nearby scrap yard, and authorities say they found an empty 18 pack of beer inside the abandoned car. 

Both the man and the woman were transported to the hospital after the accident. The female passenger unfortunately succumbed to her injuries. The driver of the car is facing manslaughter and drunk driving charges. 

A motorcycle crash like this one is very tragic for the family of the injured and deceased persons. Connecticut laws prevent drivers from driving while intoxicated and impose harsh penalties for those that do. The family of the injured man and deceased woman is certainly looking at their options for retribution for this despicable act. Persons facing similar issues may wish to seek the advice of an attorney who can advise them on the best ways to seeks awards for damages incurred from careless drivers.

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