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Connecticut families reeling after fatal motorcycle crash

On Behalf of | May 5, 2017 | Firm News, motorcycle accidents

Connecticut officials have responded to an increased number of accidents in recent weeks in which one or more motorcycles were involved. In a recent motorcycle crash, one man was killed and a woman seriously injured after a collision with an enclosed vehicle. In the aftermath of that event, two families are struggling to come to terms with what happened, and determining how to move forward.

According to police reports, the accident took place in the late afternoon hours of a recent Saturday. As the motorcycle and a sedan were approaching a local intersection in Coventry, the operator of the motorcycle passed another vehicle illegally. Witness reports also state that the motorcycle was traveling at an excessive rate of speed at the time of the collision.

Both the male operator and his female passenger were wearing helmets at the time of the crash, but the man was unable to survive his injuries. The woman was rushed to an area hospital for emergency medical treatment. There is no word on her current condition, or her prognosis for recovery.

The motorcycle crash remains under investigation, but preliminary information obtained from witnesses and Connecticut police records suggest that the operator of the motorcycle may have been at fault in the matter. If that is indeed the case, the female passenger injured in the crash could pursue a lawsuit against the man’s estate for damages related to the incident. As these first few weeks pass, both her family and the relatives of the deceased have been thrown into turmoil, and it may take some time for them to determine their next steps.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Victim Killed in Coventry Motorcycle Accident Identified“, April 30, 2017


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