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Connecticut car accidents: Interstate crash injures 2

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2016 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Recently, authorities responded to a crash with injuries on Interstate 95. Sadly, car accidents on this stretch of highway in Connecticut are quite common. Little is known about this particular wreck, but at least two people are said to have been hurt.

It was recently reported that, on June 6, an SUV and a flatbed truck collided on I-95 in Westport. This collision is said to have occurred just before 2 a.m.. Both vehicles sustained pretty significant damage in the wreck, but the drivers were easily freed from their automobiles. It is unknown if either driver was transported to a hospital for treatment. The extent of the injuries suffered by each individual has not been reported.

At this time, investigators are still trying to determine what caused this crash. They have not released any information about potential factors that may have contributed to the incident. It is unknown if either driver will be criminally charged for the wreck.

While a lot has to be sorted out in this particular case, the driver that is found to have been responsible for the crash may be held liable for any financial damages the victim incurred. When car accidents happen, victims may seek compensation for any losses in a Connecticut civil court. In this case, an experienced personal injury attorney can assist the victim in filing the appropriate claims and in seeking maximum compensation for any documented economic and non-economic damages that are deemed recoverable in accordance with state laws. These might include medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, disability, lost income and various other monetary losses.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Firefighters Responded to Crash on I-95 With Injuries“, June 6, 2016


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