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Injuries reported in Connecticut truck accident

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2016 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

An accident on I-91 in Connecticut on Feb. 8, involving a semi-truck and a minibus, resulted in an unknown number of people requiring medical care. The truck accident is believed to have been caused due to the truck driver driving too fast for road conditions. He has been cited for the incident.

According to a recent report, the driver of a commercial hauler lost control of his vehicle on snowy roads, causing the semi to jackknife. A minibus that was following the truck apparently did not have adequate time to stop and hit the semi. All of the minibus occupants were injured and transported to a hospital for treatment. The number of victims, as well as the extent of the injuries sustained is unknown.

The truck driver — a 40-year-old male — was uninjured in the wreck. Authorities do believe that he simply was not driving at an appropriate speed for the weather conditions at the time. He was cited for driving too fast under the circumstances.

The victims of this truck accident may be entitled to seek compensation for any of the losses that they may encountered as a result of this wreck. These may include financial damages — such as from medical expenses and lost wages, — and physical and emotional damages as well. Seeking compensation may be accomplished by filing personal injury claims in a Connecticut civil court. If the truck driver and/or his employer is found to have been negligent resulting in the crash, the victims whose claims are successfully litigated may be granted monetary relief.

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