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Connecticut car accidents: Truck hits parked cars and building

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Police in Connecticut are investigating an accident that occurred mid-November in the northern portion of the state. A pickup truck is said to have hit several parked cars before hitting a building. Car accidents like this are more common than some would like to think. When they do occur, those negatively affected may have legal recourse.

According to recent reports, the driver of a pickup truck, with a trailer in tow, slammed into four automobiles that were parked outside a place of business. The truck then continued forward, hitting the building and damaging the exterior. No one in the store was hurt, thankfully. Unfortunately, one woman, who was sitting in her car at the time of the incident, was injured in the wreck. She was transported to a nearby medical facility with unspecified injuries.

It is believed that the brakes on the truck when out as the driver came upon a nearby intersection. Authorities have not indicated if any other factors may have contributed to the crash. It is unknown as to whether the driver will be facing any charges for the incident.

Car accidents that result in injuries can create a number of difficulties for the victims. Physical complications and time away from work and family for treatment and recovery can be financially and emotionally draining. Those in Connecticut who have been injured in car accidents may be entitled to seek compensation through legal means. Personal injury claims that are filed and successfully litigated in civil court may result monetary judgments which could provide relief for any economic and non-economic damages sustained in auto collisions.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Truck Crashes Into Bolton Business“, Nov. 14, 2015


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