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September 2015 Archives

Liability when a cyclist hits a car door

It’s been shown in countless movies and television shows. A bicyclist is zooming down the sidewalk or bicycle lane, when all the sudden the passenger or driver of a parked car opens their door. The cyclist hits it, flips over and lands on their back. Often, a laugh tracks plays as the cyclist gets up and dusts themselves off, a little shaken and dismayed at their ruined bike. Unfortunately, this type of accident is generally much more serious than what is seen on the silver screen.

Phone use laws on Connecticut roads

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol used to be one of the biggest risks faced by innocent drivers on Connecticut roads. There is now a new up and comer that is causing terrible accidents on a regular basis. This culprit is known as the cell phone. Texting and driving or talking without hands-free equipment is causing severe injuries and taking lives.

Bicycle accident prevention focus of government initiatives

Common sense should tell you that when a distracted driver hits someone riding on a bicycle the cyclist will probably be the one suffering severe injuries in the resulting bicycle accident. Connecticut laws make it clear that motorists, pedestrians and bicycle riders must cooperate in sharing the roads safely.

An accident investigation could offer proof of a negligent driver

It is rare that you read about a driver of a motor vehicle leaving her own vehicle in order to perform a good deed only to be struck by a hit-and-run driver and killed. The stray dog that the deceased woman stopped to help was in the road when spotted by the woman

Lives of highway workers may be endangered by negligent drivers

It would be difficult to deny that there are many dangers on Connecticut roads. Speeding drivers, drunk drivers, distracted drivers…all can cause injuries and even death to others on the road. But some people affected by these careless drivers are not even in a vehicle. These victims are highway construction workers.

Finding proof negligence of another important in fatal accident

The source of compensation to the family of the victim of a fatal trucking accident might not be readily apparent from the initial facts of a particular case. For example, a fatal accident on an interstate highway in New Haven, Connecticut, might not appear to offer hope of recovering funeral expenses or other compensation from a negligent driver.

Victim of drunk driving accident may have Dram Shop Act claim

A person injured in a drunk driving accident may have a right to sue the drunk driver for negligence in causing the accident and any serious injuries that resulted from it. Under the Dram Shop Act in Connecticut, the injured party might also have a claim against the person who may have sold drinks to the intoxicated driver.

Is my personal injury claim affected by my own negligence?

At one time, a person suffering a serious personal injury in a car accident in New Haven, Connecticut, might be unable to receive compensation from the negligent driver who caused the accident. Under the state’s contributory negligence law, a finding that an accident victim was as little as 1 percent at fault, as in the case of a passenger not wearing a seat belt, the injured party could not recover damages.