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Tips for driving in rainy weather

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Drivers in Connecticut may need to think about the wet weather that comes with spring because, according to AAA, these conditions are a contributing factor in 1.2 million traffic collisions around the country every year. While remaining alert is one of the best things drivers can do to avoid accidents on wet roads, there are several other tips that they could use.

Before drivers even take to the road, they should check their tires. Tire condition is vital to the ability of a vehicle to stop fast when the road is wet. Having a mechanic rotate the tires can make the tread last slightly longer, but it is unsafe to drive with low tread, at which point it is best to buy new tires. Additionally, the tires need to have the correct amount of air in them.

Running over potholes can cause damage to tires and wheels and can mess up the wheel alignment as well. Drivers who are unable to avoid potholes should remember not to brake as they pass over them. Instead, they should brake before the potholes, and release the brakes while passing over them. Drivers also need to leave plenty of space between themselves and the drivers in front of them. The two seconds that they should have between them in good visibility and dry conditions needs to increase to four seconds in wet weather. It takes longer for vehicles to come to a stop in wet conditions, so this allows them more room if they suddenly need to stop to avoid hitting the vehicles in front of them.

Wet weather can cause single-vehicle, rear-end and head-on collisions. A person who is injured in an accident caused by a driver who failed to exercise the proper duty of care by not taking into account road conditions may be entitled to a recovery of damages through the filing of a personal injury lawsuit.


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