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Fiery Connecticut 2-car crash kills 1, injures 3

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2015 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents, Firm News

Police in Connecticut’s state capital say that they have yet to determine what may have caused a two-car crash in the early morning hours of March 31 that claimed the life of a 40-year-old man and injured three others. Hartford police say that their accident investigation unit is canvassing the North End residential neighborhood where the accident occurred. Officers were also observed collecting surveillance camera footage to determine if one of the cars was speeding or ran a red light immediately prior to the collision.

According to reports, a Dodge and a Hyundai collided at the intersection of Mather Street and Garden Street at approximately 5:30 a.m. One of the vehicles involved then struck a utility box, which is thought to have sparked a fire that damaged both of the cars. Rescue workers praised the fearless actions of a local resident who pulled accident victims from the burning vehicles.

First responders say that three people were traveling in the Dodge and one in the Hyundai at the time of the impact. The man pronounced dead at the scene by emergency medical services personnel had been a passenger in the Dodge. Three other accident victims were transported to a hospital in Hartford for treatment. One was reported to be in critical condition. The fatal accident led to road closures in the area for several hours.

While this accident may have been caused by mechanical failure, collisions such as this one are frequently the result of reckless driving. The dependent family members of those who lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents may pursue legal remedies if their loss was caused by negligent actions. A wrongful death lawsuit filed by a personal injury attorney could seek compensation for funeral and burial expenses. A lawsuit may also ask for damages to be awarded to cover the lost future contributions of the decedent.

Source: NBC Connecticut, 1 Dead, 3 Hurt in Fiery Hartford Crash, April 1, 2015


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