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Connecticut accident kills 1 in fiery crash

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News

A two-car accident at the intersection of Garden and Mather Streets in Hartford on March 31 left one person dead and one vehicle in flames. The police, fire department and EMS arrived on the scene to manage the area, put out the flames and transport victims to a nearby hospital. Investigators have not yet determined in alcohol, speed or the failure to stop at a red light were contributing factors in the accident.

The vehicles involved, a dark-colored Dodge and a red Hyundai, were located near the intersection by officials. One passenger was trapped in the rear seat of the burning vehicle, according to reports. He suffered fatal injuries and was declared dead at the scene. Investigators claimed to anticipate a delay in the identification of the deceased due to the nature of the fatality. Three other people had to be taken to St. Francis Medical Center for treatment of injuries. One was reported to be in critical condition.

Many car accidents result in serious injuries for the victims involved, which can have a range of emotional and financial consequences. Determining the cause of car accidents generally plays a critical role in assigning fault in the accident. If someone’s negligence contributed to the accident, then this will be imperative information for insurance companies to have for processing a claim. Similarly, if a victim who suffered injuries in the accident wants to seek financial recovery for damages, proof of negligence will be necessary to indicate that compensation is warranted.

If a car accident victim has suffered serious injuries and incurred financial losses due to medical expenses or lost wages, a personal injury lawyer can review the reports and medical records related to the incident and indicate if negligence seemed to play a role. The lawyer might be able to negotiate a settlement on behalf of the victim.

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