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Whiplash injuries from motor vehicle crashes

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2014 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Some Connecticut residents may have a poor understanding of what whiplash is. Whiplash is generally caused by a sudden acceleration followed by a sudden deceleration in a motor vehicle accident, causing the head to go violently forward and then back.

Whiplash can range in severity from mild cases that can resolve themselves with a simple range of motion exercises to more severe injuries that can result in years of associated disability. Severe cases of whiplash can result in damage to surrounding tissues and bones.

Whiplash is commonly caused in rear-end collisions. Although popular media has characterized the injury as a ploy for financial gain, the compensation is real. Expenses associated with whiplash in the United States are as high as $30 billion a year. Victims suffer losses associated with medical care, sick leave from work, lost productivity, litigation expenses and disability. Years after an accident, people who suffered severe whiplash may continue to suffer from chronic pain due to the original injury.

When people are involved in car accidents, it is important for them to see a doctor immediately, as the shock and/or adrenaline a person may feel immediately following an accident may prevent them from noticing such injuries until later. Additionally, those who are injured in car accidents may wish to consider filing a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver. Through a personal injury lawsuit, people may be able to recover compensation for their economic and non-economic losses. Depending on their case, people may be able to recover damages for pain and suffering, property damage, lost income, medical expenses and ongoing treatment costs. A personal injury attorney may be able to help.

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