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September 2012 Archives

Crash recreation video may be first legal showing in Connecticut

Connecticut roads can be dangerous and unpredictable if drivers do not pay attention. When a car accident occurs, oftentimes injury also follows. In cases where people are harmed, they may be eligible to bring a legal claim against the purported negligent drivers. A civil suit against a negligent individual can involve settlement negotiations, depositions, evidence collection and sometimes even trial. What happens during those trials can affect other's legal rights for the future. A particular verdict or an evidentiary ruling at one trial may pave the way for future proceedings. One such impactful ruling is occurring right now in a Millford, Connecticut court.

Car-school bus accident highlights need for special care

School recently began across Connecticut. Hopefully we are all aware of that. In the morning, Connecticut drivers may find themselves behind slow moving school buses and driving past groups of young children lined up on the sidewalk ready to go to school. It's time to be especially aware. This has been brought home starkly by a school bus accident in Glastonbury.

Motorcycle crash leaves Connecticut man seriously injured

We all feel a tiny inkling of fear when driving past a left turning vehicle. One always wonders if that driver will wait patiently until we pass before making that left turn in front of oncoming traffic. Sometimes drivers are impatient, and they turn giving themselves just enough time to skirt across the roadway before the fast traveling vehicles reach the intersection. In some instances, tragically, those drivers are not so lucky. Bad decisions like making an untimely left turn in front of coming traffic are more likely to occur when alcohol is involved. According to Montville, Connecticut authorities, alcohol may be the exact reason a similar incident occurred only days ago. The potential drunk driving accident left one man of Oakdale, Connecticut with incapacitating injuries.

Police officers commended for saving girl's life in Ledyard crash

The Town of Ledyard, Connecticut, recently awarded four police officers letters of commendation for their brave efforts in response to a car rollover. The accident happened on March 13 when a 17-year-old female driver on east Long Cove Road went around a bend. As she rounded the curve, she swerved to avoid another car. She then lost control of the car, crashed through a stone wall and rolled over numerous times. The girl sustained multiple injuries, including a spinal cord injury, in the crash. The police officers who responded to the scene are credited with saving her life.