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Drunk driver crashes through 7-11 in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Feb 29, 2012 | Drunk Driving Accidents, Firm News

When Connecticut residents go to the local 7-11 the last scene they expect to be confronted with is an SUV protruding from the front window — wheel on the service counter and all.

Police say that around 1:30 in the morning a 26-year-old Hartford, Connecticut, man driving an SUV over-corrected as he was driving around a roundabout and crashed — through the front window of a local 7-11. Reportedly, the man had been drinking before he got behind the wheel of his SUV and plowed through the convenience store causing this drunk driving accident. According to authorities, there were not any skid marks present, indicating the drunk driver did nothing to stop himself from crashing into the 7-11.

Police say that charges have yet to be filed but that the drunk driver can be sure that police will be pursuing charges of operating under the influence of alcohol, driving without a license and speeding. And that is in addition to the charges he could be facing resulting from the damages he caused. This drunk driver is an unfortunate example that if you are going to drink and drive you will have consequences to pay.

The damages to this Connecticut convenience store are fairly extensive because the drunk driver crashed through a large storefront window, knocking over several shelving units in the process. The store was reopened after close to five hours but will have to undergo a structural assessment.

Luckily, both employees that were working during the time of impact saw the car and had enough time to move out of harm’s way. One employee reported that he feels very lucky to have escaped injury. However, the driver did sustain injury and was brought to a local hospital. His condition remains unknown.

Source: Masslive.com, “Springfield police will seek criminal complaint against Fabricio Maradiaga of Hartford, driver who crashed into city 7-11 store,” Greg Saulmon, Feb. 27, 2012


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