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Ten Unexpected Findings In The GA 6 Lockup

The recent “inconvenience” visited upon the GA 6 lockup caused by heavy rains followed inexplicably by an invisible carbon monoxide cloud caused a shutdown of the courthouse and required a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. That cleaning revealed a number of unexpected findings.

  1. Midge Renault’s Diary.
  2. Jim Morrison’s sheet music.
  3. A group photo of Judges Dixwell, Whalley and Goffe.
  4. A copy of the l959 New Haven Blades Press Guide.
  5. A New Haven Journal Courier dated June 7, 1954 reporting on a stalled escalator at Kresge’s.
  6. Three Connecticut Company bus transfers.
  7. A yearbook for Richard C. Lee High School, Class of l963.
  8. An unopened bottle of Hull’s Export.
  9. A Toddle House Menu.
  10. Rodney Eilson’s nautical charts of Long Island Sound.