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Protecting Your Rights Through A Will Contest

If you feel you should inherit from a will or trust — or that someone else should not inherit — contact the Connecticut will contest attorneys at Jacobs & Dow, LLC Our lawyers are experienced in probate litigation in Connecticut Superior Court and can provide aggressive, effective representation in any will or probate dispute.

We offer a free initial consultation at our offices in New Haven, Connecticut. If you are from out-of-state and need a lawyer for a Connecticut estate dispute, call our office at (866) 221-1375 to speak with us about your case.

Questions Clients Bring To Our Probate Litigation Department

  • Can we contest a last will and testament written when my father was no longer of sound mind?
  • The executor’s fees for administration of our family trust are eating up my inheritance. Can the executor be forced to return a share?
  • My stepdaughter and stepson say I have no right to their mother’s estate, since she died intestate. Without a will, can I inherit?
  • My brother and I are involved in an estate dispute. Are lawyers able to help even though my stepfather died since he wrote the trust?
  • I’ve been cut out of my mother’s will. Do I have a right to a share of the estate?
  • I feel I should inherit a share of my birth father’s estate, even though I was adopted. Can you help me?

Challenging A Will In Connecticut

If you decide to challenge a will or move to have the trustee of a trust removed, you need the advice of attorneys with experience in the Connecticut Probate Court where the matter will first be heard, and also in the Connecticut Superior Court, which often holds a second trial after a significant probate court decision. Decisions by the probate court and the Superior Court will be based on Connecticut probate statutes and case law and the evidence presented. Our firm is familiar with these laws and has over sixty years of experience in handling will contests and trust disputes in both courts.

When you are involved in an estate dispute, the lawyers at Jacobs & Dow, LLC can challenge a poorly written or administered trust or will, and can present evidence that a will does not truly reflect the wishes of the testator.

The Lawyer You Hire May Make A Difference

When a large estate is contested in Connecticut Probate Court, the case generally will be appealed to the Connecticut Superior Court. It is important, therefore, to hire an attorney experienced in both the probate and Superior Court. Contact our civil litigation firm if you feel you have been improperly cut out of a will, or are involved in another trust or estate dispute. A lawyer with experience in the probate, Superior and Appellate Court can evaluate your case and advise you of the potential costs and benefits of litigation.

Our estate dispute lawyers litigate on behalf of clients contesting wills and trusts in all Connecticut courts, including those in New Haven, Bridgeport, Hartford, Litchfield and Meriden.

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