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motorcycle accidents Archives

Driver caused horrific motorcycle crash

Motorcycle enthusiasts often band together for a ride, sometimes to raise awareness for a certain cause and sometimes just for fun. Connecticut drivers may have seen such an event in their travels. Drivers in larger vehicles should always exercise extra caution when traveling near smaller vehicles like motorcycles because, in the event of a motorcycle crash, its operator may be largely unprotected, and can suffer serious injury or death if stricken by a larger car or truck. 

Motorcycle crash injures police officer

Though many Connecticut residents may consider riding a motorcycle to be a recreational activity, for some, driving a motorcycle is all in a day's work. Some police officers suit up each day to patrol the community on a motorcycle. Motorcycles are fuel efficient and allow officers to maneuver in traffic easier than they could in a larger cruiser. Though equipped with proper safety gear, and trained to drive defensively, these officers remain at risk for injury during a motorcycle crash. 

Motorcycle crash injures rider

Now that the heat of the summer has begun to dwindle and the leaves are beginning to change across Connecticut, many motorcycle enthusiasts are excited to take their bikes for a spin. Unfortunately, motorcycle drivers are often in close proximity to larger vehicles, and the risk of injury during a motorcycle crash is substantial. Even when riders wear a helmet and do their best to safely maneuver through traffic, serious injury and even death remain a grim possibility. 

Man dies in motorcycle crash, other driver flees

Connecticut drivers know that if an accident occurs, the proper thing to do is to stop their vehicle as safely as they can, try to call for help and wait for law enforcement to arrive. Sometimes, people's actions in the minutes after an accident occurs are the difference between life and death for people who have suffered injuries. Even if a person fears they are at fault and have caused injuries or damage to another, running away is never the right thing to do, and is against the law. Unfortunately, a recent motorcycle crash turned fatal for the rider, and the driver who struck him fled the scene. 

Motorcycle crash victim loses life.

Connecticut drivers would likely agree that in addition to watching out for pedestrians, animals, bicyclists and other vehicles that often share the roadways, it is important to keep an eye out for motorcycles as well. Many consider motorcycles to be a fun and exciting way to travel, and while that may be true, they can also be quite dangerous. Due to the very nature of riding a motorcycle, the driver is largely unprotected, except for personal safety gear. This means that any motorcycle crash has an increased probability of resulting in serious injury or death. 

Weekend motorcycle accident leaves man dead

Connecticut residents may find themselves among the thousands of Americans who enjoy driving motorcycles, both as an efficient method of transportation and an enjoyable pastime. While certainly, most motorcyclists will say that nothing can match the thrill of a beautiful day on the open road, they also know that there is always the risk of a serious motorcycle crash. While obeying speed limits and other traffic laws, proper safety courses and wearing a helmet can go a long way to prevent tragedy, the potential for motorcycle accident injury remains a major concern. 

Father of 2 dies in motorcycle accident

Many find riding a motorcycle not only enjoyable but also beneficial: easy parking, open air, good gas mileage, etc. However, the benefits do not come without risks. Even with a helmet, driving a motorcycle leaves little protection of the body. In addition, the drivers of other motor vehicles may fail to see the smaller road vehicle, sometimes resulting in a motorcycle accident. It is important for those living in Connecticut to be aware of motorcycles riding nearby to avoid serious injury or death.

Recall on defective motorcycle parts

Recalls are not uncommon and unfortunately happen quite often. No matter how great the motorcycle manufacturer is, mistakes happen and things ultimately slip through the quality inspections of some factories. The real problem lies when owners do not comply with the recall leading to a potentially dangerous situation. Residents of Connecticut owning a Harley Davidson motorcycle, may want to double check their mailboxes as a recent recall for defective motorcycle parts was just issued by the company.

Connecticut motorcycle crash kills 1

Dangers of the roadways have claimed the life of another person in the state. A recent news article has shared the unfortunate incident with an outcome that will surely devastate many. A motorcycle crash in Connecticut resulted in the tragic death of one man and has left authorities trying to figure out who or what was to blame in the event. 

Motorcycle crash kills Connecticut man

Sadly, another life has been taken too soon, and one family will mourn the loss of one of its own. Motorcycling, while an enjoyable hobby, does come with some extra risks. Some drivers pay less attention and don't see motorcycle drivers, and motorcycle drivers are more exposed to the roadway than people in cars. Recently, one man in Connecticut has lost his life as the result of a motorcycle crash