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motorcycle accidents Archives

Motorcycle crash kills 1in Connecticut

A man is dead following a collision between his motorcycle and a pickup truck, according to authorities. Connecticut State Police confirmed the death of the 26-year-old man in Canterbury on the morning of April 25. The driver of the other vehicle avoided injury, and there is no word as to whether police plan to file charges against him at this time. The motorcycle crash remains under investigation.

Passenger suffers serious motorcycle crash injury

Connecticut motorcycle drivers are back on the road in full force. Nice weather has tempted many to take to the road for a little adventure. Some riders choose to take a passenger along for the ride. In the event of a crash, both the biker and any passenger may suffer serious motorcycle crash injuries.

Driver at fault in motorcycle crash charged

Spring has officially sprung, and across Connecticut, motorcycle enthusiasts are dusting off their gear and gearing up for a ride. Other drivers know that extra caution must be used when sharing the road with motorcycles, because they are smaller and may be harder to see than other larger kinds of vehicles. Riders can suffer serious injury or death in a motorcycle crash, even if a rider is wearing a helmet and driving safely themselves. 

Does a helmet matter in a motorcycle crash?

Connecticut motorcycle enthusiasts, or at least some of them, may soon be required to wear helmets when out for a ride. Across the nation, roads are busier than ever, with many highways now having posted speed limits of 70 mph or higher. Now, the state is trying to decide on how to limit the injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash

Teen driver causes fatal motorcycle accident

When a Connecticut teen is preparing to obtain his or her driver's license, there is a lot to learn. Though practice and a good education program can prepare a teen driver to pass the road test, statistics show that newly-licensed drivers are at higher risk to be involved in a crash. Even seasoned drivers must use extra caution when traveling alongside a motorcycle on the road, and recently a teen driver was charged with regard to a fatal motorcycle accident

Driver caused horrific motorcycle crash

Motorcycle enthusiasts often band together for a ride, sometimes to raise awareness for a certain cause and sometimes just for fun. Connecticut drivers may have seen such an event in their travels. Drivers in larger vehicles should always exercise extra caution when traveling near smaller vehicles like motorcycles because, in the event of a motorcycle crash, its operator may be largely unprotected, and can suffer serious injury or death if stricken by a larger car or truck. 

Motorcycle crash injures police officer

Though many Connecticut residents may consider riding a motorcycle to be a recreational activity, for some, driving a motorcycle is all in a day's work. Some police officers suit up each day to patrol the community on a motorcycle. Motorcycles are fuel efficient and allow officers to maneuver in traffic easier than they could in a larger cruiser. Though equipped with proper safety gear, and trained to drive defensively, these officers remain at risk for injury during a motorcycle crash. 

Motorcycle crash injures rider

Now that the heat of the summer has begun to dwindle and the leaves are beginning to change across Connecticut, many motorcycle enthusiasts are excited to take their bikes for a spin. Unfortunately, motorcycle drivers are often in close proximity to larger vehicles, and the risk of injury during a motorcycle crash is substantial. Even when riders wear a helmet and do their best to safely maneuver through traffic, serious injury and even death remain a grim possibility. 

Man dies in motorcycle crash, other driver flees

Connecticut drivers know that if an accident occurs, the proper thing to do is to stop their vehicle as safely as they can, try to call for help and wait for law enforcement to arrive. Sometimes, people's actions in the minutes after an accident occurs are the difference between life and death for people who have suffered injuries. Even if a person fears they are at fault and have caused injuries or damage to another, running away is never the right thing to do, and is against the law. Unfortunately, a recent motorcycle crash turned fatal for the rider, and the driver who struck him fled the scene. 

Motorcycle crash victim loses life.

Connecticut drivers would likely agree that in addition to watching out for pedestrians, animals, bicyclists and other vehicles that often share the roadways, it is important to keep an eye out for motorcycles as well. Many consider motorcycles to be a fun and exciting way to travel, and while that may be true, they can also be quite dangerous. Due to the very nature of riding a motorcycle, the driver is largely unprotected, except for personal safety gear. This means that any motorcycle crash has an increased probability of resulting in serious injury or death.