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Put Our Knowledge And Experience In Your Corner For Insurance Disputes

Insurance companies continue to find new ways to deny claims from homeowners and other types of insurance claims. Sometimes it takes the help of an experienced attorney to get the coverage you paid for.

At Jacobs & Dow, LLC, in New Haven, Connecticut, we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your insurance claim dispute and explain your legal options. Call (203) 772-3100 to talk to a lawyer today. We represent individuals and business owners in disputes involving all types of policies, including general liability, fire, property and casualty, real estate title insurance, professional liability, life insurance, medical insurance and long-term disability policies.

Was Your Insurance Claim Wrongfully Denied?

Our lawyers handle all types of insurance disputes, such as:

  • Claims by the insurance company that particular losses are not covered under the policy language, such as dog bite injuries caused by pit bulls or Rottweilers
  • Hurricane deductibles and other limitations of coverage
  • Failure to pay multiple coverages or multiple levels of coverage, such as stacked policies
  • Failure to pay “own occupation disability insurance” marketed to professionals and highly compensated individuals
  • Lowballing or undervaluing claims
  • Insurance bad faith claims, which may allow the covered individual to recover attorney fees and additional damages

In addition to representing individuals whose claims have been wrongfully denied, our lawyers defend insured individuals under professional liability policies that permit them to select counsel. We also represent insurance companies and insurance brokers in inter-company disputes.

For More Information About Insurance Coverage Disputes

To talk to an attorney at Jacobs & Dow, LLC, about a denied claim or other insurance dispute, contact our firm today. We offer evening, weekend and holiday appointments.