Between the Cracks: When Doctors Don’t Follow Up

Doctor Follow-Up Is Part of Good Medical Care

Sometimes malpractice occurs during surgery or a procedure. But medical negligence can also occur in a doctor's office or a clinic, when a physician fails to follow up with a patient, fails to review a test result, or fails to prescribe the right follow-up medication or test.

Lack of doctor follow-up can lead to catastrophic injuries or death. At Jacobs & Dow in New Haven, Connecticut, our medical malpractice lawyers have investigated hundreds of cases of medical error due to lack of doctor follow-up.

When Doctors Follow Up, Injuries Can Be Prevented

Sometimes a doctor orders a test but the lab fails to do the test or fails to send back the results. In another common scenario, lab results are sent back to the doctors office, but are lost in the paper shuffle. Unless the doctor or staff follows up and asks, "Where are the test results?" the information may never get to right doctor, and the patient can fall between the cracks of the medical system.

Where are the test results? Where are those X-rays? How did the patient respond to that drug? Why wasn't the radiology report sent? When a doctor is managing a patient's care, follow-up is an essential part of the process. Mismanaging a patient's illness can lead to serious injury or death.

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