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Pedestrian accident severely injures 2 in Connecticut

Irresponsible behavior by some potentially leads to grave consequences for others, especially on the roads. Taking a stolen car for a joyride seems like harmless fun, but it can go horribly wrong and leave many people devastated. A recent news story gives the details of a pedestrian accident that severely injured two people in Connecticut. At least one person will be feeling the consequences from somebody else's actions for a lifetime. 

It was reported that six teenagers in a stolen SUV crashed into two people waiting at a bus stop at the intersection of two streets. The two victims were a man and a woman. The woman was dragged by the car, causing her to lose both of her legs. The status of the man was not reported.

Motorcycle accident in Connecticut injures 2

The freedom of the open road is a significant appeal to bikers. Unfortunately, that freedom comes with certain costs. Among those costs are the potential to be injured in a motorcycle accident. Sometimes the accident doesn't only injure the driver of the motorcycle, as passengers can be harmed as well. In Connecticut, a recent event was covered in the news, telling the story of a biker and his passenger who were injured in a motorcycle crash.

The incident occurred on Route 149 in East Haddam. At approximately 11:40 p.m. on the Independence Day holiday, authorities responded to the scene of the accident. The pair were traveling north on the highway, just before Creek Row. 

Pedestrian accident claims life of Connecticut woman

Tragedy can compound quickly when the lives of several livings creatures are at stake. Connecticut authorities are responding to increasing numbers of accidents on the roadways every day, and this busy holiday weekend was no exception. One recent pedestrian accident claimed the life of a Connecticut woman and left her son in critical condition.

The pair were reportedly walking their dog when it was struck on the roadway. They were tending to the injured pet around 11 p.m. on July 4 when another car came upon the scene and struck both people. Reports say that the two were struck by a Chrysler Infiniti driven by a 59-year-old man. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene, and her son was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening critical injuries.

Connecticut motorcycle crash kills woman

There is a reason that awareness campaign signs urge drivers to watch out for bikers. It is because death or serious injury often occur as a result of a motorcycle crash. Since motorcyclists are more exposed to the road while they ride, they face an increased danger of personal injury should they become involved in an accident. Often a tragedy can be avoided with careful, sober driving. Unfortunately, in Connecticut a woman recently lost her life as a result of an apparent drunk driving incident. 

The victim of the crash was a 59-year-old passenger on a motorcycle. She was riding with her husband when a 35-year-old man struck the bike and then fled the scene. Reportedly, he was later found covered in vomit and visibly intoxicated. He had abandoned his vehicle in a nearby scrap yard, and authorities say they found an empty 18 pack of beer inside the abandoned car. 

Connecticut law aims to prevent truck accidents

Sometimes motorists call for help on highways. Other motorists honor that need by being aware and staying well out of the way when they see a disabled motorist, knowing that one day they may find themselves in a similar situation. If drivers are inattentive, it can cause truck accidents. Recently, Connecticut authorities responded to the scene of a truck accident that trapped two people in the wreckage. 

The Connecticut accident occurred after 10 p.m. on Interstate 95. The first reports indicated that a commercial truck and several other vehicles were involved. When authorities arrived on the scene they found one person trapped under a AAA truck and another person trapped in a commercial truck. 

Fatal accident in Connecticut takes man's life

It can be so hard to prevent accidents while driving, and attentive driving is an important safety precaution on our roadways. The consequences for auto accidents can be permanent and fatal. That is why there are laws and protocols in place to protect people on the roads. A recent news story tells the sad tale of a fatal accident in Connecticut that injured one person and took the life of another man. 

A male on a scooter and a female passenger were driving in Hamden when they were struck by a truck entering an intersection. The impact ejected both the driver and the passenger of the scooter. The truck was exiting the Hartford Turnpike when it collided with the two people on the motor scooter, causing injuries to both people on the scooter. 

Heroine protects child during pedestrian accident

When an individual gets behind the wheel of a car, one must be aware of the great responsibility one has toward other drivers on the road. Impairment, distraction or reckless driving poses a danger to everyone and is an unnecessary impediment to safe driving, where the goal is to get everyone to their destination safely. A Connecticut woman arguably reduced the damage from a pedestrian accident when she was able to help a child by stepping into the path of an oncoming automobile.

The woman attempted to push the child out of the way when she saw an out-of-control vehicle heading off the road and into a building. She was not able to completely move the child out of the way, but reduced the impact to his body when she placed her body between the moving vehicle and a building. Both the woman and the child were seriously injured during the accident.

Memorial Day weekend truck accidents: 2 Connecticut men killed

Holiday weekends bring more traffic to the roads. These heavily traveled weekends can make Connecticut roadways a more dangerous place for drivers and passengers, often resulting in car and truck accidents. All drivers must be alert and aware of the challenges they face while driving in order to hopefully avoid any accidents. A recent news report covers the story of several people involved in an accident on Interstate 91.

The lives of two men were sadly cut short on the Friday of the holiday weekend. The accident took place in Rocky Hill. In one of a number of truck accidents across the nation during the travel-heavy weekend, a car collided with a truck resulting in the fatalities. The I-91 accident involved a car that apparently crashed into the back of a tractor-trailer that had stopped due to a disabled vehicle. Authorities reported the crash occurred around 11:30 p.m. 

Connecticut man dies in motorcycle crash

Accidents while driving can be dangerous and take folks away from their families too soon. Safety on the road can mean life or death for drivers everyday. As the weather warms up, more motorcycles and drivers are on the road. The world suffered another sad loss recently when a man died from his injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash. The Connecticut man and his passenger were both injured in a crash with another vehicle. 

The accident occurred in the evening of May 18. Authorities are still investigating the details of the incident, but apparently the motorcycle and a car collided at an intersection. The driver of the vehicle was uninjured, but the male and female passenger were both initially transported to the hospital for their injuries. The man was taken to ICU, and the female passenger was admitted with injuries not considered life-threatening. 

Connecticut pedestrian accident leaves 1 dead

Connecticut residents are forced to cope with the impacts of vehicle accidents when they occur on local roads and highways. Road incidents can lead to negative consequences for drivers and pedestrians alike. Sometimes, pedestrians are in danger of becoming the victim of a tragic accident. Recently, a pedestrian accident in Waterbury illustrated one of the unfortunate tragedies that can happen on the road. 

Police have arrested the driver of a car who apparently hit a middle aged man crossing the street. The man was knocked down and thrown into the opposite lane where he was then was hit by another car. The man was dragged down the street before he became untangled from the second car. Both drivers stopped to provide aid to the injured man.