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Woman becomes pedestrian accident victim in Connecticut

Driving and walking on public streets can be dangerous, and municipalities have created safety protections like stoplights and crosswalks as a solution. Even so, individuals get injured on the roads every day. When one becomes part of an accident, it is expected that one would stay at the scene to help and to wait for authorities. In a recent news story out of Connecticut, one pedestrian accident victim has died, and the driver that struck her did not stop to help. 

The incident happened at approximately 2 a.m. in a crosswalk. Security camera footage shows that the woman was in the crosswalk as she traversed the street, but it also shows that there was a green light. A car continued through the green light and struck the woman. 

Connecticut couple struck by car in fatal accident

A man was sentenced in a case involving a car that crashed into a pair of pedestrians. The incident took place in Connecticut and resulted in the death of one man. The fatal accident serves as a warning to others to exercise caution when out on the roads in order to protect others from meeting a tragic fate. 

The accident occurred in Sept. 2016, and the criminal case has now concluded with the sentencing of the driver. The driver was charged with negligent homicide and also for having narcotic pills out of the original container. He will serve 15 months for the narcotics conviction and six months for negligent homicide. The two sentences will be served concurrently. 

Motorcycle crash kills Connecticut man

Sadly, another life has been taken too soon, and one family will mourn the loss of one of its own. Motorcycling, while an enjoyable hobby, does come with some extra risks. Some drivers pay less attention and don't see motorcycle drivers, and motorcycle drivers are more exposed to the roadway than people in cars. Recently, one man in Connecticut has lost his life as the result of a motorcycle crash

The incident occurred on Sept. 4 at approximately 4 p.m. The motorcyclist, identified as a 38-year-old male, was involved in a collision with a car driven by a 70-year-old female. She apparently crossed into his path when making a left hand turn at an intersection. The motorcycle then crashed into the woman's car. 

Recent pedestrian accident in Connecticut prompts safety talks

School is back in session, and with the new school year brings more hazards to travelers. A recent pedestrian accident outside of a Connecticut college prompted authorities to consider what safety changes can be made to make the crosswalk area safer for walkers and drivers. The most recent incident is just one of several accidents that have occurred in the area over the last six years. 

A student at Western Connecticut State University was struck by a car while he was in the crosswalk. The driver reported not seeing the crosswalk lights being lit, and she struck the individual as he walked through the pedestrian area. Both the driver and the struck person remained at the scene following the crash, and the victim was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. 

Negligent truck driver causes rollover in Connecticut

Police were seeking a truck driver after a hit and run incident that damaged a utility pole and caused a vehicle rollover. The incident in Connecticut resulted in a search for the driver of the truck. The negligent truck driver was later found by police and charged for the alleged crimes. 

The crash occurred on Friday, August 18 at approximately 11:35 p.m. The truck, described as a black truck with a loud exhaust and a possible lift kit, fled the scene after the crash that caused another vehicle to rollover and break the utility pole. The truck was also described as having an after-market lighting kit and after-market hub caps, making the appearance of the vehicle more noticeable. Authorities closed the highway for both directions of traffic after the incident and were initially unable to locate the elusive driver. 

Police officer injured in Connecticut motorcycle accident

A two-vehicle collision sent two individuals to the hospital on Sunday, Aug. 13. A Connecticut state trooper riding a motorcycle crashed into a car being driven by an elderly man. The motorcycle accident has left two individuals recovering from injuries suffered during the early morning event. 

The trooper was on his precinct-assigned motorcycle and was headed to a police traffic event on Sunday morning. The 33-year-old was traveling north when he collided with a car driven by an 88-year-old man pulling out of his driveway. The police officer was wearing a helmet. He was ejected as a result of the crash, but did not suffer life-threatening injuries. 

2 Connecticut men killed in fatal accident

Lives can change in an instant when tragedy strikes on the road. Two families are likely mourning today due to the aftermath of an unfortunate head-on collision. Two men, both drivers of their vehicles, were killed and others injured in the fatal accident in a Connecticut town. A recent news story gives more detail about the sad event. 

The head-on collision affected two vehicles in Waterbury on Aug. 2. One man was driving a brand-new car and was apparently alone in his vehicle. The other car, an older vehicle, contained a driver, his two children and another passenger. Later, a roadside memorial was set up to honor those killed in the early-evening crash. 

Man severely injured in Connecticut motorcycle crash

An early morning crash has led to serious injuries for one man. The Connecticut man was riding his motorcycle when it crashed into the back of an SUV. A recent news story gives more details about the tragic motorcycle crash and the status of the motorcycle rider. 

The accident happened on a recent Wednesday at approximately 7:20 a.m. The preliminary investigation indicates that the rider, who was not wearing a helmet, crashed into the back of an SUV after the SUV changed lanes. Authorities are still investigating the incident, which occurred during a time of moderate traffic, and urge anyone who may have witnessed the incident to call police. 

Connecticut teen dies in fatal auto accident

A community pulls together after an accident that took the life of one teen this week. The fatal auto accident occurred on Route 10 in Connecticut and involved two vehicles. Initial details about the accident have been released to the public in a recent news story. 

The teen was a passenger in a car that was struck by a pickup truck at an intersection. When authorities were called to the scene, they found several people in both vehicles that were injured, but only one person had been killed. The teen girl was a student at the local school. The school was reopened after the weekend accident with grief counselors on hand to assist any individuals with counseling needs. 

Pedestrian accident severely injures 2 in Connecticut

Irresponsible behavior by some potentially leads to grave consequences for others, especially on the roads. Taking a stolen car for a joyride seems like harmless fun, but it can go horribly wrong and leave many people devastated. A recent news story gives the details of a pedestrian accident that severely injured two people in Connecticut. At least one person will be feeling the consequences from somebody else's actions for a lifetime. 

It was reported that six teenagers in a stolen SUV crashed into two people waiting at a bus stop at the intersection of two streets. The two victims were a man and a woman. The woman was dragged by the car, causing her to lose both of her legs. The status of the man was not reported.