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Posts tagged "truck accident"

Proposed new rules to combat trucker fatigue

Many Connecticut motorists may exercise extra caution when driving in close proximity to large commercial vehicles, and statistics compiled and promulgated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration support that practice. Accident statistics from 1998 demonstrate that 98 percent of people who died in collisions between large trucks and passenger vehicles were occupants of the passenger vehicles.

4 softball players killed in fatal bus accident

Connecticut residents who follow college softball may have heard that a North Central Texas softball bus was hit on Sept. 26 near Davis, Oklahoma, while returning from a scrimmage. Police say that the accident happened when a semi going north on Interstate 35 crossed into the southbound lanes. Authorities say that the semi went off the road and into a ravine after hitting the bus, and it took nearly an hour to locate it.

I-95 crash in construction zone leaves 1 dead

An Aug. 27 motor vehicle accident that took place in a construction zone on Interstate 95 has resulted in the death of one person and serious injuries for another. The accident occurred around 5:15 a.m. in New Haven near the Long Wharf Drive exit. A portion of I-95 south was closed, and traffic was redirected onto Long Wharf Drive at exit 46 and then back onto the interstate at the nearby ramp.

Connecticut truck accident causes early morning five-car pileup

Connecticut residents are all too familiar with one constant in their daily lives: the traffic that permeates I-95. Running down the entire eastern seaboard, it is the main thoroughfare for transporting goods from state to state. The ever-present tractor trailer on the interstate increases the possibility that, on any given day, a truck accident may occur. Frequently, when a truck encounters smaller motor vehicle, serious injuries may result.

Connecticut truck accident results in serious injuries

Connecticut residents that routinely drive above the speed limit could be endangering their own lives and the lives of others within their vicinity. Speeding truck drivers can create a high level of danger, since it can be difficult and sometimes impossible for their vehicles to make a quick maneuver to avoid dangerous situations. Unfortunately, serious injuries such as broken bones and head trauma can be the result of a truck accident.

Late-night Connecticut car accident causes serious injuries

There are many hazards to confront on the road while driving a motor vehicle. Negligent drivers, fallen trees and poor road conditions are just some examples of factors that have the potential to cause serious injury. Sometimes, driving late at night can be a contributing factor to a car accident. On the dark roads, drivers are more likely to be tired. Visibility is reduced. Some drivers may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.