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Posts tagged "reckless driver"

Vertical pavement edges on Connecticut roads pose safety risk

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, a vertical roadway edge contributes to drivers losing control of vehicles when they go onto the shoulder. The vertical edge can cause tire scrubbing that is linked to rollover or head-on crashes. Studies conducted by multiple states found that crashes involving these edge drop-offs increased the chances of a fatality by two to four times.

Cell phone causes serious injury in a one-car accident?

As drivers everywhere know all-too-well, the tiniest distraction can result in catastrophe. While iPod, smart phone and GPS technology all provide high levels of convenience and communication in the car, they also contribute to drivers not paying one hundred percent attention to the road in front of them. One Connecticut resident recently discovered that cell phones present one of the greatest distractions in vehicles yet, having the capacity for causing serious injury.

Connecticut hit and run accidents: Were speeding drivers racing?

Vehicle accidents can have the potential to cause devastating results. Two people are in the hospital following a recent crash in Connecticut. There is an ongoing investigation, as one of the two cars involved fled the scene. Even though the cause of this particular accident hasn't been determined, the victims of hit and run accidents may benefit from a diligent review of the facts and circumstances in conjunction with Connecticut state laws.