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Posts tagged "pain and suffering"

Understanding the severity of a jaw injury after a car crash

Connecticut drivers might be interested in some facts about one type of injury that can result from a serious car accident. In severe cases, an injury to the jaw can require surgery and lengthy recovery time in order to completely heal.

Shoulder injuries in car accidents

Connecticut drivers and other people who may have been in an accident might have suffered harm to their shoulder. The assembly of collarbone, shoulder blade and upper arm is one of the most critical physical structures to the human body, and the tremendous stresses associated with an automobile collision may cause minor or major trauma to the area.

Connecticut crash involves 5 cars and injures state trooper

On Dec. 27 on the northbound side of Interstate 91 in Hartford, a state trooper was making a routine traffic stop in the right side breakdown lane. A 31-year-old driver from Enfield was traveling in the center lane and trying to make an evasive move to avoid police activity when a 35-year-old Bridgeport woman driving a Nissan Altima sideswiped his driver's side door. Traffic had slowed down ahead of her and she allegedly swerved to avoid a rear-end collision, according to state police.

Whiplash injuries from motor vehicle crashes

Some Connecticut residents may have a poor understanding of what whiplash is. Whiplash is generally caused by a sudden acceleration followed by a sudden deceleration in a motor vehicle accident, causing the head to go violently forward and then back.

Motorcyclist dies in 3-car accident

Connecticut State Police say that a woman riding a motorcycle died in a three-vehicle accident on Interstate 84 on Aug. 14. The crash happened shortly after 3:30 p.m. in the eastbound lanes around exit 44 as the motorcycle traveled through West Hartford. Traffic in the area was congested for about three hours as a result of the fatal accident.

Man injured in Connecticut hit-and-run

A man riding a motorized scooter was injured in a hit-and-run in Bridgeport on July 31. The man's injuries were not life threatening, even though he was not wearing a helmet at the time of the incident. The driver of the scooter, who suffered a broken shoulder and was left unconscious at the scene of the accident, was asking the public to help him identify the driver who hit him.

Accident at Connecticut gas station results in serious injury

Drunk drivers are a danger to themselves and to all others around them. Suffering serious injury at the hands of an intoxicated driver is senseless and unnecessary, yet unfortunately, a common occurrence. A recent accident in Connecticut, involving an allegedly drunk driver, three other vehicles and a gas station convenience store resulted in four people needing medical treatment.