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Posts tagged "negligent driver"

Understanding the severity of a jaw injury after a car crash

Connecticut drivers might be interested in some facts about one type of injury that can result from a serious car accident. In severe cases, an injury to the jaw can require surgery and lengthy recovery time in order to completely heal.

Plainville police attempting to find cause of deadly car crash

The accident reconstruction team in Plainville, Connecticut, is seeking information from anyone who might have seen the fatal head-on car accident that happened on New Britain Avenue. The accident left one woman dead and injured two others.

Government data shows the benefits of switching to roundabouts

Connecticut drivers may be interested in some information about roundabouts, an alternative to the common signaled intersection in the U.S. This other type of intersection has many benefits, the largest of which is a reduction in total collisions and, particularly, serious and fatal vehicle crashes.

Connecticut crossing guard hit by car

An accident involving a driver in Hartford around 7:30 a.m. on Sept. 12 resulted in a school crossing guard being sent to a local hospital for treatment, according to a Hartford Police representative. Her condition was not disclosed in a news report updated on the evening following the accident.

Connecticut woman faces criminal charge in pedestrian accident

A 50-year-old Connecticut woman faced a felony charge after a March accident in a middle school parking lot that left a 65-year-old woman dead. The pedestrian accident occurred when the woman, who was dropping off her child at the school, accidentally entered the bus lane at the Hebron school and then struck the victim, who taught at the school.

Cell phone causes serious injury in a one-car accident?

As drivers everywhere know all-too-well, the tiniest distraction can result in catastrophe. While iPod, smart phone and GPS technology all provide high levels of convenience and communication in the car, they also contribute to drivers not paying one hundred percent attention to the road in front of them. One Connecticut resident recently discovered that cell phones present one of the greatest distractions in vehicles yet, having the capacity for causing serious injury.

Wrongful death claim possible in recent Connecticut accident

An entire community can be emotionally impacted by the sudden death of a young child. Losing a child in a tragic vehicle accident is a reality no parent would ever want to be confronted with. Unfortunately, there are some such accidents on Connecticut highways which result in fatalities. A recent motorcycle accident which claimed the life of a 6th-grade boy could result in the filing of a wrongful death claim in civil court.

New Haven mayoral candidate's HQ struck by motor vehicle

When it comes to car accidents, one of the more uncommon sets of circumstances is a car hitting a building. It happens from time to time; but it is not something you expect when you read about a car accident. When this does happen though, what can be done by the parties involved?