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Dangerous horizontal curves ahead

Residents in Connecticut may be interested in reading about some of the inherent hazards involved with driving, as described by the Federal Highway Administration. Researchers found that almost 30 percent of all traffic accidents involved horizontal curves on U.S. roadways. Researches also discovered that a crash was three times as more likely to occur on curved roadways than on the tangent sections of the roadway.

Connecticut accident kills 1 in fiery crash

A two-car accident at the intersection of Garden and Mather Streets in Hartford on March 31 left one person dead and one vehicle in flames. The police, fire department and EMS arrived on the scene to manage the area, put out the flames and transport victims to a nearby hospital. Investigators have not yet determined in alcohol, speed or the failure to stop at a red light were contributing factors in the accident.

Shoulder injuries in car accidents

Connecticut drivers and other people who may have been in an accident might have suffered harm to their shoulder. The assembly of collarbone, shoulder blade and upper arm is one of the most critical physical structures to the human body, and the tremendous stresses associated with an automobile collision may cause minor or major trauma to the area.

4 softball players killed in fatal bus accident

Connecticut residents who follow college softball may have heard that a North Central Texas softball bus was hit on Sept. 26 near Davis, Oklahoma, while returning from a scrimmage. Police say that the accident happened when a semi going north on Interstate 35 crossed into the southbound lanes. Authorities say that the semi went off the road and into a ravine after hitting the bus, and it took nearly an hour to locate it.

Head-on crash in Connecticut leaves 2 injured

Authorities reported that a two-vehicle accident in Plainfield left two individuals with injuries. Police said they are investigating the June 29 incident, which reportedly occurred on Route 14A at approximately 1:50 a.m.

Woman cited after motorcycle crash

A 31-year-old Connecticut motorcyclist has been injured in a recent accident in New Milford. The intersection crash took place at the corner of Hine Hill Road and Grove Street at 10:34 on June 15. The other driver involved has since been cited for failure to obey a stop sign. Police closed down Grove between Hine Hill Road and Fordyce Road for just over an hour in the aftermath of the accident.

Passenger in a one-car accident killed in New Haven

When a Connecticut resident gets into a car with someone else behind the wheel, the resident is trusting the driver with his or her life. A passenger, after all, has very little control over what decisions the driver makes and even less control over what other drivers on the road are doing. The unfortunate truth is that a passenger in a one-car accident may suffer a serious injury or even death in some cases.

Rear-ender sends driver to the emergency room

It goes without saying that most people will admit to being overly aggressive behind the wheel from time to time. Sometimes leaving late causes residents to rush. Sometimes they just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and take everything personally while they're driving. Other times, residents are just not aware of what they are doing, or they are reckless in their behavior. It's times like those when the possibility is quite high that a rear-ender can take place.

Car crash injures 2, 1 with serious injury

It goes without saying that most people take transportation for granted since it is a regular part of their lives. Each day, most Connecticut residents wake up, get ready, get into their car, make their way to work and punch the clock. After work, they hop back into their car and run errands on their way home. Most of the time, residents do not even consider the fact that they risk serious injury each and every day, from the minute they leave their driveway until they return.