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Posts tagged "accident investigation"

Crash recreation video may be first legal showing in Connecticut

Connecticut roads can be dangerous and unpredictable if drivers do not pay attention. When a car accident occurs, oftentimes injury also follows. In cases where people are harmed, they may be eligible to bring a legal claim against the purported negligent drivers. A civil suit against a negligent individual can involve settlement negotiations, depositions, evidence collection and sometimes even trial. What happens during those trials can affect other's legal rights for the future. A particular verdict or an evidentiary ruling at one trial may pave the way for future proceedings. One such impactful ruling is occurring right now in a Millford, Connecticut court.

Investigators say driver fatigue caused fatal bus accident

Car accidents which cause severe injuries and fatalities are tragic events. Bus accidents, where the vehicle has the propensity to carry many times more people than a car, can be catastrophic and heartbreaking. This is one way to describe a bus accident that occurred on the East Coast last year.