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Posts tagged "Pedestrian Accidents"

Pedestrian accident victim loses battle for survival.

As summer approaches, many Connecticut residents find themselves truly excited to escape the confines of their homes, having been cooped up for what seemed like a winter that would never end. As the weather continues to improve, being outdoors becomes a sort of reward for folks who were beginning to wonder if the skies would ever clear. From fishing, to gardening, to simply taking a walk, plans to venture out mean increased foot traffic for local towns.  One downside to throngs of people being out-and-about is the increased risk of becoming a pedestrian accident victim.

Man dies attempting to help woman in pedestrian accident

Weather can play a major factor in the cause of an accident. It is imperative for Connecticut drivers to be aware of their surroundings in a bad storm. Depending on the severity of a storm, drivers will need to consider driving at a slower speed or pulling off the road until it is safer to proceed. However, as some take the risk of continuing to maneuver through a treacherous storm on a roadway, it raises the risk of a potential pedestrian accident.

Motorist sought in hit-and-run pedestrian accident

Driving after midnight can often lead to an accident. Motorist error may be due to falling asleep at the wheel or having their vision impaired by the lack of light. A nighttime accident can also be caused by alcohol or drug impairment as a driver may be leaving a late night party. Regardless of the reason, pedestrians may be in danger of a negligent driver. Late one recent evening, a Connecticut man lost his life in a hit\-and\-run pedestrian accident.

Mother of 2 killed in pedestrian accident

When leaving for work, most people expect to make it home by the end of the workday. However, as people walk to their place of employment, whether it be from their home, parking lot or train station, there is a risk of being involved in a pedestrian accident. In the busy morning hours of a workday, it is important for Connecticut drivers to be aware of pedestrians walking in or near the roadway.

Elderly woman dies in pedestrian accident

Shopping centers tend to have heavy foot traffic and motor traffic. It is imperative to drive through a parking lot of a busy shopping center slowly and with awareness to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, sometimes the combination of pedestrians and motor vehicles can lead to serious injury or death. Recently, a Connecticut woman lost her life in a pedestrian accident shortly after exiting a marketplace.

Man dies in pedestrian accident

Accidents caused by distracted driving is a common occurrence. A driver's attention can easily be diverted with texting, making phone calls, eating on the go or breaking up a sibling fight in the back seat. Unfortunately, serious injury or death can occur when there is a deviation from the task of driving. Recently, a Connecticut man was charged with taking a life of another in a pedestrian accident due to being distracted while driving.

Connecticut man dies in pedestrian accident

Drivers and pedestrians must be more aware during evening hours as a driver's visibility can be hindered by the darkness of the night. The lack of visibility raises the threat of accidents in high traffic areas in Connecticut between motor vehicles and those on foot. Unfortunately, Bridgeport recently suffered a loss of a widely known citizen in a tragic pedestrian accident shortly after night fell.

Grandmother dies in hit-and-run pedestrian accident

Holidays can bring more traffic than any normal day. With the rush of shopping, visiting family and friends, and dining out, there is also a rise in foot traffic. During the excitement of a holiday celebration, a deadly hit-and-run pedestrian accident can quickly remind Connecticut holiday shoppers of the dangerous combination of high traffic areas and negligent drivers.

Pedestrian accident claims 2 lives

Whether a pedestrian is walking, jogging or stepping out of a vehicle, he or she is extremely vulnerable against negligent drivers. When a person and a moving vehicle make contact, the injuries suffered are usually life-threatening and often fatal. Unfortunately, two Connecticut women were killed in a pedestrian accident when they were hit by a car while crossing the street in January.

Pedestrian accident injures elderly woman walking to church

Pedestrians sharing the road with drivers can sometimes be a recipe for disaster. Even though continuous efforts are made to improve pedestrian safety, the risk of injury remains high for anyone crossing a parking lot, sidewalk or road by foot. Unfortunately, a Connecticut elderly woman is recovering from injuries sustained from a pedestrian accident while walking to church Sunday morning.