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Posts tagged "Pedestrian Accidents"

Police seek information about hit-and-run pedestrian accident

Summer has officially begun, and Connecticut residents are out and about. With beautiful weather and so much to do, drivers need to remain vigilant and watch for people on foot. Sadly, each year, hundreds of people are injured or killed when they are struck by vehicles, and a recent hit-and-run pedestrian accident has police searching for clues. 

Pedestrian accident may have been intentional crime

Connecticut drivers know to use extra caution when driving in places where there is the likelihood of pedestrian traffic, such as a parking lot. Most drivers can probably recall a trip to a grocery store or gas station where a person on foot seemed to appear out of nowhere. In the event of a pedestrian accident, a driver and any witnesses should remain on the scene and attempt to render aid to a victim until help arrives. 

State raises awareness about pedestrian accident potential

The weather is beautiful and summer is just around the corner. Many Connecticut families are on the hunt for some free fun and a day spent together. A new initiative provides exactly that, along with some helpful public safety information regarding the risk of a pedestrian accident

Pedestrian accident leaves woman with life-threatening injuries

Walking along roadways, crossing streets and generally being on foot near traffic can present many dangers. Unfortunately, even if an individual abides by the law and tries to be as careful as possible, he or she could still end up in a pedestrian accident. These accidents typically end in serious injuries due to the lack of protection pedestrians have.

Driver responsible for pedestrian accident possibly intoxicated

Connecticut drivers are taught early on that it is important to keep an eye out for pedestrians. Understandably, if a driver decides to operate a vehicle while he or she is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, there may be serious consequences. Apart from the legal consequences, a driver that is under the influence can injure or kill innocent people, as was the case in a recent pedestrian accident

Pedestrian accident kills local mother, distracted driving blamed

Connecticut drivers have been warned about the dangers of distracted driving. One might think that the people responsible for enforcing laws regarding unsafe driving may be more vigilant behind the wheel themselves, but this may not always be the case. In a recent tragedy, a local police officer was not paying attention on the road, resulting in a fatal pedestrian accident

Pedestrian accident injuries can be avoided

Pedestrians in Connecticut and other states will always be vulnerable because they have no protection against the impact of vehicles. Advanced technology adds additional safety measures to each new model that comes onto the market, and while drivers are now safer inside their cars than ever before, pedestrian accident injuries remain a significant concern. Vehicle operators can take a few simple steps to prevent pedestrian accidents.

Pedestrian accident victim loses life, investigation ongoing

Winter has arrived in Connecticut, but drivers should be aware that many people are still out and about, walking close to roadways. Though certainly, most drivers would say that they do their best to be safe behind the wheel, an accident can happen in an instant. When a crash involves a person on foot, the result can be devastating for a pedestrian accident victim

Teen seriously injured in pedestrian accident

As Connecticut parents are certainly aware, a teen getting his or her driver's license is both an exciting and a frightening milestone. As teens set out on their own, parents can only hope that they can recall all they have learned to stay safe behind the wheel, and will not be tempted to break the law or show off for friends. Statistically, teen drivers are a high-risk category, and even when teens do their best to drive safely, the risk of a crash or pedestrian accident is ever-present.