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Posts tagged "Drunk driver"

Blood alcohol concentration levels and their effects

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published a listing of the effects of different blood alcohol concentration levels on driving skills. Based on information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the American Medical Association and other organizations focused on curbing drunk driving, the listing shows effects ranging from the level of .02 percent all the way to .15 percent. In Connecticut, as in all 50 states, the legal BAC limit for driving is .08 percent.

Understanding the severity of a jaw injury after a car crash

Connecticut drivers might be interested in some facts about one type of injury that can result from a serious car accident. In severe cases, an injury to the jaw can require surgery and lengthy recovery time in order to completely heal.

Young people at greatest risk of drunk driving fatality

Connecticut readers might be interested to learn that, according to a report issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly one-third of all traffic-related fatalities in 2012 were the result of drunk driving collisions. In raw numbers, 10,322 people were killed in 2012 in such crashes. According to a 2010 study titled The Economic Impact of Motor Vehicle Crashes, the annual cost to Americans from alcohol-related accidents is in excess of $59 billion.

Distracted driving injuries and fatalities

While most Connecticut drivers know that distracted driving is extremely dangerous, they may not know just how serious it can be. In fact, every day, it is estimated that nine people lose their lives in crashes that are caused by distracted drivers. Additionally, more than 1,100 people suffer injuries in associated crashes.

Preventing impaired driving accidents

A variety of studies show how great the impact of impaired driving is on the nation's economy and on individual drivers in Connecticut and around the country. Alcohol-related crashes cost almost $59 billion annually and result in almost 30 deaths every day. Drunk driving also goes largely unnoticed and uncontrolled. While almost 1.4 million people were arrested for drunk driving in 2010, 112 million adults self-reported driving while impaired at least once that year.

Most drunk drivers in fatal collisions have no DUI record

In Connecticut, most drivers who are under the influence of alcohol and kill themselves or others behind the wheel show no prior history of DUI arrests. Advocates from groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Connecticut say that this is only an indicator that drunk drivers get away with violating DUI laws several times before being caught or causing fatal accidents.

Alleged drunk driver arrested for a fatal accident in Connecticut

While the consumption of alcohol may be considered a social norm in Connecticut and across the country, accidents caused by those who chose to drink and drive are devastating to families. It is sad but true that an accident caused by an alleged drunk driver often has fatal results. Families of victims who are killed in these types of collisions are left, not only trying to cope with the enormous loss, but seeking justice on behalf of their loved ones.

Drunk driver in Connecticut sentenced to prison

Losing a loved one due to the acts of an impaired driver can certainly take its toll on a family. An accident caused by a drunk driver is a senseless event that could easily have been prevented had different decisions been made. Unfortunately, these accidents seem to be a common occurrence and far too many innocent lives have been lost. Recently, a Connecticut man was sentenced to prison for his role in a fatal crash that occurred due to his decision to drink and drive.

Accident at Connecticut gas station results in serious injury

Drunk drivers are a danger to themselves and to all others around them. Suffering serious injury at the hands of an intoxicated driver is senseless and unnecessary, yet unfortunately, a common occurrence. A recent accident in Connecticut, involving an allegedly drunk driver, three other vehicles and a gas station convenience store resulted in four people needing medical treatment.

Suit filed in Connecticut drunk driver case; who's to blame?

It has been some time since a fatal accident claimed the life of a local firefighter in Connecticut and severely injured his two sons. While the allegedly drunk driver accused of the crime is ready to head to court for his supposed involvement, the victim's family is also pursuing civil actions against a local gas station for failing to report the driver. In any accident, the blame falls primarily on the driver believed responsible; however, this suit also looks at the blame that could fall on establishments for their lack of action.