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Posts tagged "pedestrian accident"

Pedestrian accident trends

When a pedestrian accident occurs in Connecticut, the consequences for the victims can be severe. Understanding some of the patterns involved in pedestrian accidents, such as the times these incidents most often occur and which ages are likely to be affected, may help to reduce their overall occurrence.

Improving pedestrian safety with crossing islands

Pedestrian safety measures like medians and crossing islands can significantly reduce the number of pedestrian accidents in Connecticut. In fact, the Federal Highway Administration, which is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, says that pedestrian islands may lower the number of pedestrian accidents in an area by 46 percent. These safety measures are good for car drivers too, as pedestrian islands are also thought to lower the number of motor vehicle accidents by 39 percent.

Connecticut crossing guard hit by car

An accident involving a driver in Hartford around 7:30 a.m. on Sept. 12 resulted in a school crossing guard being sent to a local hospital for treatment, according to a Hartford Police representative. Her condition was not disclosed in a news report updated on the evening following the accident.

Woman killed in pedestrian accident

A woman in Connecticut was killed in a pedestrian accident that took place on July 21. The fatal accident happened in Stamford while the victim was attempting to cross the road at a crosswalk near Hoyt Street and Summer Street. As a result of the accident, the female driver who struck the pedestrian was charged for negligent homicide with a motor vehicle, obstructed view and failure to grant right of way to pedestrians in a crosswalk.