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Posts tagged "hit-and-run"

Connecticut pedestrian seriously injured after hit-and-run

According to law enforcement authorities with the Norwalk Police Department, a 55-year-old man is in serious condition after being struck by a hit-and-run driver. The incident occurred on April 1 just after 5:00 a.m. on the Interstate 95 South on-ramp from West Avenue in Norwalk.

Pedestrian victim in Connecticut hit-and-run identified by police

A 32-year-old male pedestrian, walking near the front entrance of Canton High School, was hit by a car driven by a 26-year-old man on the night of Aug. 12. Canton police arrived at the scene at about 9:16 p.m., in the Collinsville section of town. They'd received an emergency call indicating that a pedestrian had been struck by a vehicle. The pedestrian was found on the ground when police arrived. The driver of the vehicle was not at the scene of the accident.

New Haven man killed in hit-and-run, police in search of driver

A red Honda Civic DX from a line between 1996 to 2000 is believed to be the automobile that a hit-and-run suspect was driving when a 49-year-old man was killed in a collision on June 24. Authorities were continuing their search for the driver as of June 29.

Elderly woman in Connecticut killed in pedestrian accident

An accident in Connecticut is responsible for the loss of an elderly woman's life. The victim was apparently struck by a mini-van while she was crossing the street earlier this month. The driver believed to be responsible for this pedestrian accident reportedly failed to remain at the scene of the crash. Thankfully, witnesses to the incident were able to provide police with detailed information of the vehicle, which led to the driver's arrest.

A Connecticut man was killed in a pedestrian accident

Losing a loved one in an unexpected or untimely manner can create emotional and fiscal burdens for surviving family members. When this loss is believed to be the result of someone else's negligence, it can leave families seeking answers. A fatal pedestrian accident is certainly one of these situations creating numerous questions, particularly if the driver fails to stay at the scene. Recently, a Connecticut woman was charged for her connection to a hit-and-run accident that killed a man.

Man suffers multiple fractures in Connecticut pedestrian accident

When pedestrians walk along busy roadways in Connecticut, they may be putting their lives on the line. Serious pedestrian accidents have been known to occur at almost anytime. Because pedestrians have no protection, resulting injuries can be serious and even fatal. Sadly, in some instances, the driver just continues on without stopping after knocking down somebody in a pedestrian accident.

Woman killed in pedestrian accident in parking lot

A young woman in Connecticut was hit while she was removing articles from her car that was parked in a public parking lot. It was dark, since it was the early morning hours. In a freak pedestrian accident, a dark red or burgundy car hit her and dragged her to her death.

Woman fatally injured while walking on the street in Berlin

Drivers of cars are under obligation to safely and responsibly share the roadways with all kinds of other vehicles. From tractor-trailer drivers to bikers to motorcycle riders to those on foot, there are countless travelers of varying circumstances who share the road. Those who travel on foot in Connecticut may be at the biggest disadvantage, since they stand the greatest chance of being injured while walking on the street.