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Spinal Cord Injuries Archives

Spinal cord injuries result from dangerous car accident

One of the worst injuries, aside from death, that one can experience from a car accident is that of a spinal cord injury which has the potential to cause life lasting consequences. As many Connecticut residents understand, a spinal cord injury can debilitate someone for life, leaving her paralyzed, with substantial medical bills and the inability to work or work at full capacity. A recent incident in a western state caused a terrible spinal cord injury to one passenger. Somewhat shockingly, the alleged negligent party was an on-duty police officer.

Recovering from a spinal cord injury - an inspiring tale

In the wake of tragedy, a positive outlook on the future seems an impossible accomplishment. For two high school sweet hearts who lost touch and found each other again after each experienced life altering misfortune, the possibility that good can come from deep sadness is a reality. As Connecticut residents approach Valentine's Day, a story of love spurned from troubling experience may be appropriate.

Ferry crash results in spinal cord injuries

As Many Connecticut residents are likely aware, a ferry crash in New York that occurred this past Wednesday, January 9, resulted in injury to many on board. The Seastreak Wall Ferry crashed into the New York Pier in lower Manhattan. The boat essentially hit the dock as it was attempted to park. Investigators are still working to determine the cause of the incident. The name of the captain has not yet been released.

Teen causes spinal cord injury to 53-year-old woman

There are serious dangers inherent when an auto-pedestrian accident occurs. Pedestrians are certainly more vulnerable road users than drivers. Pedestrians, without the steel protection of a vehicle, can sustain serious injury from the impact of a car. Some potential injuries include head injuries, spinal cord injuries and broken bones, among others. A head injury and spinal injury however have the propensity to be the most debilitating in many circumstances. As many Connecticut readers know, bad head injuries can cause brain injuries and spinal cord damage can result in paralysis.

Police officers commended for saving girl's life in Ledyard crash

The Town of Ledyard, Connecticut, recently awarded four police officers letters of commendation for their brave efforts in response to a car rollover. The accident happened on March 13 when a 17-year-old female driver on east Long Cove Road went around a bend. As she rounded the curve, she swerved to avoid another car. She then lost control of the car, crashed through a stone wall and rolled over numerous times. The girl sustained multiple injuries, including a spinal cord injury, in the crash. The police officers who responded to the scene are credited with saving her life.

Cell phone internet use causes fatality in Connecticut

Distracted driving has been increasingly at issue on Connecticut streets. The ever present smart phone, while providing a shocking amount of conveniences including instant directions and detailed information about our destinations, is a huge contributor to driver negligence on the road.

Connecticut teen suffers severe spinal cord injury

The Connecticut teen loved sports. He was a star on his traveling basketball team and loved nothing more than shooting hoops in his backyard. Now, the teen will never shoot another hoop because of a spinal cord injury he suffered when a car hit him in Aug. Doctors report the 17-year-old will be confined to a wheelchair for the entirety of his life as he will never be able to walk or use his hands ever again.