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pedestrian accidents Archives

Pedestrian accident at car show injures two

Car shows can be an exciting way for families to spend time together. Even people that are not thrilled by the automotive displays can enjoy good food, live music and a few hours outside with their loved ones. Most car shows in Connecticut have strict rules to help keep patrons stay safe, but when people disregard these safety guidelines, there is an enormous risk for a pedestrian accident

Toddlers injured in pedestrian accident

Many daycare centers across the state of Connecticut try to get the children out for a walk. Some fresh air and a stroll along a familiar route through the community can be an exciting part of a child's day. Though daycare workers prioritize safety, and do their best to keep their group of small children organized, these walks can bring about an increased risk of a pedestrian accident.

Hit-and-run pedestrian accident leaves victim's life in limbo

Connecticut residents are likely aware that, whether a person is driving or on foot, the risk of an accident is an ever-present concern. When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, he or she can suffer serious injury or death. Laws require that, in the event of an accident, drivers are to pull off the road as soon as they are safely able, report the accident to police and see if they can render aid to any victims until help arrives. Though any pedestrian accident can be serious, a hit-and-run pedestrian accident may be especially devastating because the victim may have to wait even longer for help. 

Pedestrian accident victim dies from injuries

As one of the most naturally scenic states in the nation, a drive through Connecticut can be a pleasure. With so much to look at out the window, it is important for drivers to remember to keep their eyes on the road. In addition to navigating through lines of other vehicles, drivers need to keep a close eye out for pedestrians, who are often difficult to see as they attempt to cross the street. When someone becomes the victim of a pedestrian accident, the injuries suffered may be especially severe. 

Mother of 5 becomes pedestrian accident victim

For many Connecticut residents, it is the time of year to be out and about enjoying the summer weather. Most people assume that when they venture out for a stroll around their neighborhood, they will return home safely intact. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and on some occasions a person becomes a pedestrian accident victim

Small child becomes pedestrian accident victim

Connecticut residents likely consider their state to be a relatively safe place to live and raise a family. While this is generally the case, the state is far from immune from the types of crimes that plague the rest of the nation. While most residents would agree that car accidents involving pedestrians are especially dangerous and frightening, pedestrian accident victims are especially at risk when a driver chooses to flee the scene. 

Pedestrian accident claims a life

It would likely be difficult to find a Connecticut resident who has never ended up, at one point or another, walking along a road at night. Sometimes, it is more convenient to travel on foot to a destination; on other occasions, an issue with a vehicle results in a person having to walk to reach safety. Whatever the reason, when walkers meet the road, there is an increased risk for a pedestrian accident

Pedestrian accident victim loses battle for survival.

As summer approaches, many Connecticut residents find themselves truly excited to escape the confines of their homes, having been cooped up for what seemed like a winter that would never end. As the weather continues to improve, being outdoors becomes a sort of reward for folks who were beginning to wonder if the skies would ever clear. From fishing, to gardening, to simply taking a walk, plans to venture out mean increased foot traffic for local towns.  One downside to throngs of people being out-and-about is the increased risk of becoming a pedestrian accident victim.

Man dies attempting to help woman in pedestrian accident

Weather can play a major factor in the cause of an accident. It is imperative for Connecticut drivers to be aware of their surroundings in a bad storm. Depending on the severity of a storm, drivers will need to consider driving at a slower speed or pulling off the road until it is safer to proceed. However, as some take the risk of continuing to maneuver through a treacherous storm on a roadway, it raises the risk of a potential pedestrian accident.

Motorist sought in hit-and-run pedestrian accident

Driving after midnight can often lead to an accident. Motorist error may be due to falling asleep at the wheel or having their vision impaired by the lack of light. A nighttime accident can also be caused by alcohol or drug impairment as a driver may be leaving a late night party. Regardless of the reason, pedestrians may be in danger of a negligent driver. Late one recent evening, a Connecticut man lost his life in a hit\-and\-run pedestrian accident.