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pedestrian accidents Archives

Pedestrian accident claims 2 lives

Whether a pedestrian is walking, jogging or stepping out of a vehicle, he or she is extremely vulnerable against negligent drivers. When a person and a moving vehicle make contact, the injuries suffered are usually life-threatening and often fatal. Unfortunately, two Connecticut women were killed in a pedestrian accident when they were hit by a car while crossing the street in January.

Pedestrian accident injures elderly woman walking to church

Pedestrians sharing the road with drivers can sometimes be a recipe for disaster. Even though continuous efforts are made to improve pedestrian safety, the risk of injury remains high for anyone crossing a parking lot, sidewalk or road by foot. Unfortunately, a Connecticut elderly woman is recovering from injuries sustained from a pedestrian accident while walking to church Sunday morning.

Pedestrian accident claims life of Connecticut woman

An unfortunate accident has claimed the life of one local woman. A 50-year-old Bridgeport, Connecticut, resident was crossing the street near a shopping center when she was struck by a car. Several other individuals were harmed in the pedestrian accident also. 

Student killed in Connecticut pedestrian accident

A community is mourning the loss of one young man because of a recent tragic event. The man was killed as he walked along a street in Connecticut due to a pedestrian accident involving multiple vehicles. His friends and community remember him as a bright young man who was set to succeed in his life. 

3-year-old boy becomes Connecticut pedestrian accident victim

A police pursuit gone wrong resulted in the death of a young child on Tuesday, Nov. 21. Four other people were injured in addition to the young pedestrian accident victim. A local news outlet reported the story of the accident in Connecticut and gives details of the developing story. 

Crossing guards injured in Connecticut pedestrian accident

An incident near a school has left two crossing guards injured. A September pedestrian accident outside of a Connecticut school seriously injured one person, and left another with minor injuries. The driver of the car said she blacked out at the time of the serious auto accident. 

Woman becomes pedestrian accident victim in Connecticut

Driving and walking on public streets can be dangerous, and municipalities have created safety protections like stoplights and crosswalks as a solution. Even so, individuals get injured on the roads every day. When one becomes part of an accident, it is expected that one would stay at the scene to help and to wait for authorities. In a recent news story out of Connecticut, one pedestrian accident victim has died, and the driver that struck her did not stop to help. 

Recent pedestrian accident in Connecticut prompts safety talks

School is back in session, and with the new school year brings more hazards to travelers. A recent pedestrian accident outside of a Connecticut college prompted authorities to consider what safety changes can be made to make the crosswalk area safer for walkers and drivers. The most recent incident is just one of several accidents that have occurred in the area over the last six years. 

Pedestrian accident severely injures 2 in Connecticut

Irresponsible behavior by some potentially leads to grave consequences for others, especially on the roads. Taking a stolen car for a joyride seems like harmless fun, but it can go horribly wrong and leave many people devastated. A recent news story gives the details of a pedestrian accident that severely injured two people in Connecticut. At least one person will be feeling the consequences from somebody else's actions for a lifetime.