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Medical Malpractice Archives

Medical malpractice may follow physician's criminal conviction

Millions of Americans, no doubt including many Connecticut residents, were likely shocked to learn of the gruesome details recently revealed in trial regarding an abortion doctor accused of terminating almost full term babies outside of the womb. Jurors convicted the doctor this week of killing three babies born alive during a criminal trial.

Medical malpractice verdict brings justice to one family

Instances of medical malpractice can often be tragic. A physician is a trusted individual, but also a human being capable of making mistakes. Yet, a medical malpractice claim, often misunderstood, is not brought for small, everyday mistakes. Instead, such a claim involves the failure of a medical provider to meet the standard of care and in so doing, likely substantially harmed another individual. Medical malpractice claims do not only involve a physician but can also be brought against a hospital. A state neighboring Connecticut recently experienced a medical malpractice suit involving a substantial birth injury.

Tainted steroid injections result in medical malpractice claim

Many Connecticut residents are aware of the tragic fungal meningitis outbreak that occurred recently. The potentially fatal steroid injections which caused this tragedy allegedly originated at New England Compounding Center and then traveled to various medical facilities throughout the United States.

Medical malpractice claim upheld in high court

When Connecticut residents go to a doctor, they are placing complete trust in that medical professional. A patient is a vulnerable individual, relying entirely on the doctor to inspect his or her mind or body and assist in the healing process. This is why a romantic relationship between a medical professional and his or her patient may be viewed asa breach of professional duty. A state appellate court recently addressed such an issue in a medical malpractice claim.

What medical malpractice reform could mean for you

Medical malpractice lawsuits are often hard fought. Many states have in place rigid malpractice laws which can make it difficult for injured patients to recover for their injuries. In spite of these already hard laws, both presidential candidates in the upcoming election stated recently that they support tort reform, which would include implementing harsher medical malpractice laws. A recent article highlights just how harsher malpractice laws could affect patients nationwide, including, in the state of Connecticut.

Medical malpractice claim being considered by jury

Connecticut residents depend on their healthcare providers for diligent and informed care. They expect to receive assistance from a doctor and hospital in treating a disease or other ailment. In fact, the very last thing any individual would expect upon entering a hospital for care is to be somehow harmed by the visit itself. But, this may be exactly the case for an individual who went to a doctor for shortness of breath issues recently.

Medicare penalties to hospitals for readmissions

Medical malpractice suits are often hard fought. However, the injuries patients may experience from hospital negligence are serious and sometimes fatal. It is for this reason that instances of medical malpractice must be reduced by both court deterrence and other efforts. One effort currently being made addresses issues of hospital readmissions.

Is your hospital a safe place for care?

As previous posts have mentioned, Connecticut legislators have recently proposed some serious reforms. If they carry through, the medical malpractice laws in the state could be amended in ways which would make it easier for an injured party to bring a medical malpractice claim.

Connecticut medical malpractice bills hotly debated

Legislators in Connecticut are currently considering two bills that could have a substantial impact on the filing of malpractice claims in the event of a medical error. One bill would make it less difficult for individuals to bring medical malpractice claims in the state.

Connecticut widow files medical malpractice suit

A recently widowed Connecticut woman is filling a multi-million-dollar medical malpractice suit after her husband, employed by a pharmaceutical company, recently died after doctors failed to diagnose a life threatening condition.