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mass transit accidents Archives

New strategies might increase risk of train accident

Connecticut commuters may have already seen the news about positive train control, the innovative new safety technology that removes a lot of potential for human operator error. Positive train control is to be implemented nationwide by next year. With some railways already utilizing the technology meant to reduce the risk of a train accident, customers and experts have already noticed potential snags. 

Public transit accident sends 10 to hospital

Ten people were reportedly injured following a collision between a school bus and a minibus in Greenwich, according to local sources. Connecticut authorities responded to the public transit accident that sent 10 adults to Stanford Hospital. While no fatalities resulted from the crash, there were several injuries, and it is not clear at this time whether police will pursue charges against either of the drivers involved. 

Risk of a train accident still shockingly high, says report

Trains are making a comeback. They have stayed the course, and advances in technology have allowed rail travel to keep a place in modern times. In Connecticut and elsewhere, trains remain an efficient way to move large quantities of freight or hundreds of people efficiently from one place to another. In spite of this, technology developed over a decade ago to decrease the risk of a train accident has gone largely unused since it's inception. 

Community grieves loss of school student following train accident

When Connecticut parents put their children on school buses, they reasonably expect bus drivers and other travelers to act with caution and safety so their children arrive to their destinations unscathed. Most parents definitely would not expect their children to suffer injury in a train accident on their way to or from school. Sadly, just such an accident recently occurred in another state, which resulted in a student fatality and serious injury to another child.

Train accident statistics spark new regulations

During the winter months especially, Connecticut rail lines turn the countryside into a picturesque scene that resembles a vintage greeting card. With three operating passenger lines, a train chugging past a snowy hillside, or through a small town may look like a nostalgic nod to an era long past, but many residents still rely on trains for transportation. Modern passenger trains are a highly efficient way to travel, and with the cost of owning a personal vehicle continuing to rise, trains are making a comeback. Unfortunately, there is still a risk of a rider being involved in a train accident

Train accident reaches Supreme Court

Many people may not realize how many Connecticut residents rely on trains each day. Though generally considered a safe and efficient way to get from place to place, sometimes -- even with modern safety technology -- tragedy can strike. Recently, a train accident sparked a debate that has made its way to the state's highest court. 

How to avoid becoming a victim of a public transit accident

The state of Connecticut is still criss-crossed with train tracks, and though it might seem a picturesque nod to an era long passed, residents should be aware that the tracks are still active and used daily by commuter and freight trains. Though many drivers consider it a bother to stop when the safety rails lower, indicating a train is approaching, state police are urging people to stop as soon as the signal begins, even if they think the train is still a long way off. During the recent Rail Safety Week, officials have started a campaign to help people avoid becoming a victim of a public transit accident

Mysterious circumstances surround train accident

For many Connecticut residents, watching a train chug along the tracks gives a certain feeling of nostalgia. A nod to an era long past, trains remind many of a time when our nation relied on them to transport people and goods from coast to coast. Some may assume that trains and their tracks are no longer in frequent use, and the tracks are safe to explore. This is not the case, and trains are making a comeback as an efficient method of transport. Like their predecessors in the past, modern locomotives still carry the risk of a serious train accident

Public transit accident leaves child injured

Summer is winding down in Connecticut, and buses full of children are venturing back out onto the road as a new school year begins. While many children rely on buses to get them to school and return them home, parents may worry about the risk of a public transit accident. Especially when roads are congested by morning traffic or an afternoon rush hour, the risk of a serious accident increases.