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Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

Charges follow after fatal accident in racing challenge

Many people like fast cars. There are movies, NASCAR races and car shows to feed the need for speed in individuals. However, speeding on the roadway not only could lead to a fine but could also lead to a fatal accident. Tragically, three people in Connecticut lost their lives last year in an accident blamed on speeding.

Man dies in fatal accident after driver fails to stop

A driver's quick look off the road can result in serious injury or a deadly accident. It's a common occurrence to many Connecticut drivers as one may take a look down at the radio, phone, food, etc. However, as soon as a driver's gaze is redirected back to the road, he or she may see a stopped car only a few feet away. Many times, that's all it takes to cause a fatal accident.

Man charged with wrongful death of two men

Road laws are in place to keep traffic flowing at a steady pace and to avoid potential accidents. However, when a law is broken by a driver, it puts others on or near the road at risk. Recently, a Connecticut man was charged with the wrongful death of two men when he caused a collision after driving the wrong way on a roadway in Norwalk earlier this year.

Connecticut driver accused of DUI causes double fatal accident

It's no secret that drinking and driving can be a catastrophic combination. Connecticut drivers are constantly reminded of the dangers of drunk driving through billboards, advocacy groups and the law. Though there are laws in place to thwart drunk driving, many drivers continue to take the risk of getting behind the wheel after a few drinks. Tragically, this decision can result in serious injury or a fatal accident.

Convicted felon causes fatal accident

According to data, fatalities on Connecticut highways continue to rise. To help raise awareness, death toll numbers are publicly displayed on the highways to warn drivers of roadway dangers and the need to drive safely. While most drivers are mindful of these warnings, many others are oblivious. In a recent fatal accident, a mother was killed and her son was injured when a speeding vehicle driven by a convicted felon struck the woman's car.

Fatal auto accident claims 2 lives, leads to 1 injury

Sadly, two people have lost their lives in a Connecticut car crash. The fatal auto accident occurred during the late-night hours on a recent Monday. Sometimes, these types of car accidents happen due to a driver's carelessness, in which case, the negligent driver may be held financially responsible for any injuries or deaths resulting from the car accident.

Fatal auto accident claims the lives of 2 Connecticut men

A recent tragedy has claimed the lives of two local men, and details of the event were released to the public via the news media. Little is known about the fatal auto accident in Connecticut, except for the fact that two lives were lost and another person was seriously injured. The roadways continue to be a dangerous place for individuals traveling in cars, and this recent occurrence is a testament to the perils of driving. 

Fatal accident reports in Connecticut over the holiday

State police have responded to hundreds of vehicle collisions over the four-day New Year's holiday. Of the almost 500 incidents reported in Connecticut over the holiday, only two were fatal accident reports. This number is up over last year's recorded numbers, underscoring that the holidays can be a treacherous time for individuals to be on the roads. 

Woman dies in Connecticut fatal auto accident

A recent tragedy on a local road has led to the death of one individual. The early morning incident turned into a fatal auto accident after the driver of one of the vehicles involved lost her life. The Connecticut roadway was briefly closed as authorities investigated the incident. 

Connecticut woman charged re fatal auto accident

Keep eyes on the road. This simple plea can help to save lives, and distracted driving may have been a factor in a recent accident in Connecticut. The driver who struck another car went to court in November to deal with the fallout of the fatal auto accident. Her fate remains uncertain, and she is facing serious charges as a result of the incident.