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Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

Fatal auto accident saddens entire community

Many Connecticut residents are fortunate enough to belong to the sort of close-knit community that many only dream of. Especially in small towns, residents often rally around the local high school sports team, showing up in force to cheer the kids to victory. In some communities, a coach or mentor can touch lives in many ways. Recently, a fatal auto accident took the life of a local hero. 

Wrong-way driver causes fatal auto accident on I-91

Connecticut drivers may wonder just how others end up heading the wrong way on an Interstate. During the day, sober and coherent drivers may have no trouble making sure they are not entering the highway in the wrong direction, but once the sun goes down, when people begin drinking or are otherwise unable to notice their location on the roadway, it becomes more possible than people realize. Under these circumstances, everyone is at risk of (literally) running into a wrong-way driver, and that driver's negligence could result in a fatal auto accident.

Fatal accident shows how dangerous intersections can be

Most licensed drivers in Connecticut understand that certain types of road layouts are more dangerous than others. Driving on a quiet, country lane may not pose as high of a risk for injury as navigating a busy intersection in a metropolitan region. In fact, intersections are often the scenes of serious collisions. A fatal accident that occurred on a recent Saturday night involved two vehicles.

Fatal auto accident results in fire

All a Connecticut resident need do is turn on the television and watch a few shows and commercials to see scenes of friends and family traveling here and there to celebrate the holiday season with loved ones. While certainly, these heart-warming scenes are meant to encourage togetherness and excitement, they fail to represent the reality. A fatal auto accident can claim innocent lives, and families are left to pick up the pieces. 

Fatal accident kills 2 and injures 3; driver at fault

Winter is fast approaching, and Connecticut residents are no strangers to the sorts of hazards winter weather can bring. Darkness falls early, limiting visibility. Snow and ice may make road conditions dangerous. The holiday season also plays a role in the increased amount of traffic as people venture out to visit loved ones or shop for gifts. It has become apparent that the winter months have an increased potential for a fatal accident.

Fatal auto accident severely injures police officer

Most Connecticut drivers do their best to drive safely, obey the laws and avoid a crash. A fatal auto accident is often the result of driver error or some other form of negligence. The surviving families of deceased victims have legal recourse available in many of these situations. A recent accident that took the life of a woman from Hamden, though it appears she was the culpable party.

Errant police chase a factor in fatal accident

When Connecticut drivers see lights or hear sirens, they should check to see if they need to pull over to let an emergency vehicle pass. Sometimes, an ambulance is rushing to help someone. On other occasions, it may be the police, chasing after a driver that is attempting to flee. In these cases, other drivers on the road are at an increased risk of a fatal accident, because police chases often involve high speeds and negligent suspects. 

Police seek justice for fatal hit-and-run accident victim

Before Connecticut residents are awarded a driver's license, they are taught what to do if they are ever involved in a car accident. Proper accident procedure requires drivers involved in an accident, regardless of fault, to maneuver to the side of the road as soon as they are safely able, call the police and, if possible, render aid to any injured victims until help arrives. When a driver chooses to ignore these rules, a victim's chance of survival is drastically lowered. This was the case in a recent fatal hit-and-run accident.

A rear-end collision can quickly turn into a fatal accident

Many Connecticut residents may view rear-end collisions as "fender benders" that do not result in serious injuries. In fact, most people tend to view these crashes as minor, but that is not always the case. Being struck from behind can quickly turn into a fatal accident under certain circumstances.

Fatal accident blamed on illegal racing, arrests made

Connecticut residents are likely aware that summer vacation means sharing the roads with a large number of teen drivers. Most parents do their best to prepare young drivers, and drivers' education courses stress the importance of obeying traffic laws and driving in a safe and courteous manner. On some occasions, however, teens choose to disregard the laws and chase an adrenaline rush by racing illegally on the streets. This behavior is a frightening scenario that can lead to a fatal accident.