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Drunk Driving Accidents Archives

Drunk driving accidents are a state and national problem

Impaired drivers can be found every day on roads across the United States. Sadly, Connecticut is not immune to this issue. As a result, drunk driving accidents occur rather frequently, leaving victims or -- in the event of fatality -- their surviving family members with numerous challenges to overcome.

Financial compensation available follwing DUI-related accidents

Numerous individuals in Connecticut and elsewhere have been injured or lost their lives in accidents with drunk or otherwise impaired drivers. DUI-related auto accidents occur daily. Those who are negatively affected by such incidents may be entitled to seek financial compensation for any damages sustained.

Connecticut drunk driving accidents: Man charged for fatal crash

A Connecticut man has been charged for his alleged involvement in a fatal car crash. Authorities believed that he was impaired when he struck a car and killed two of its occupants -- both children -- in Dec. 2015. Drunk driving accidents such as this one are, understandably, devastating for surviving family members. In this particular case, the victims' loved ones may be able to seek compensation for their losses by pursing civil claims in court.

Connecticut drunk driving accidents: What are dram shop laws?

Accidents caused by drunk drivers are a real concern in Connecticut, as they happen far too frequently. When drunk driving accidents do occur, it is normal for the victims or -- in the event of fatality -- their family members to question who may be held accountable for any losses sustained. While in most cases, victims set their sights on taking legal actions against the drivers, few may realize that bars and alcohol retailers may also be found partially liable for such accidents.

Seek financial compensation following a drunk driving accident

A great number of Connecticut residents have been injured or lost their lives at the hands of impaired drivers. It is a sad but true reality. Fortunately, following drunk driving accidents, it is possible for victims or, in events resulting in fatalities, victim's surviving family members to seek financial compensation for any damages sustained that are deemed recoverable in accordance with state laws.

Hit by a drunk driver? Compensation may be available

Driving while impaired is a problem nationwide. Sadly, despite public safety campaigns and DUI enforcement, Connecticut is not immune to this issue. In fact, this is a problem that affects numerous Connecticut residents every year. When a drunk driver causes an accident that results in injury or fatality, the victim or his or her surviving family members may seek compensation through legal means.

Drunk driving accidents still require proof of negligence

Unfortunately, it is all too easy to become the victim of drunk driving accident in New Haven, Connecticut. A victim who suffers serious injuries at the hands of a drunk driver might be entitled to financial compensation, but notice the use of the word “might.” Being in an accident with a driver who is intoxicated does not automatically establish negligence on the part of that person.

Drunk driving accident statistics point to serious problem

According to a survey reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2.1 percent of the drivers in Connecticut admitted to driving after they had consumed too much alcohol. Combined with other statistics stating that 30 people die each day in U.S. accidents involving an intoxicated driver, the chances of becoming a victim in a drunk driving accident are pretty high.