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Bus Accidents Archives

Bus accident involving 34 lacrosse players results in injury

Any accident can be a terrifying experience. When two vehicles collide while traveling at a fast speed, the impact is no doubt hard felt. Bus accidents are particularly dangerous events as they involve large vehicles that can do more damage. Tragically, a recent bus collision near Connecticut ended with one fatality and another in critical condition.

Bus accident takes another life

Much too often recently residents of Connecticut have had to read about tragic bus accidents. The state of Connecticut alone experienced a number of bus collisions in 2012. As many Connecticut residents are aware, another tragic bus accident occurred very recently. Unfortunately another individual has just died as a result of the crash.

Remembering a tragic bus accident on its 40th anniversary

As previous posts have indicated, there is often no type of accident more horrible than a bus crash, which has the potential to involve so many people. While in Connecticut, bus accidents do not occur that often, they do happen more than anyone would like. In the past few years, a number of bus-related incidents have spanned the local news. During this holiday season, a number of community members are also remembering a tragic crash that occurred forty years ago in a southern state.

Driver in deadly bus accident to face consequences

Connecticut readers of this blog would probably agree there are few things more terrifying than being involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. In addition, the serious injury, medical expenses, and pain and suffering that often result from a crash can be life changing to those involved. However, it is possible that something else can make all of this worse: watching the driver of the vehicle you are riding in slowly fall asleep and cause the accident. This is just what occurred to passengers involved in a deadly bus accident that occurred last year.

Bus accident in Connecticut involves four special needs students

The thought of a crash involving a bus is an alarming one. An accident involving a bus can mean a large number of individuals are seriously injured. A bus accident involving children of special needs is even more concerning as these children are often particularly vulnerable. One potentially negligent, or distracted driver, may have caused such an event last week.

Car-school bus accident highlights need for special care

School recently began across Connecticut. Hopefully we are all aware of that. In the morning, Connecticut drivers may find themselves behind slow moving school buses and driving past groups of young children lined up on the sidewalk ready to go to school. It's time to be especially aware. This has been brought home starkly by a school bus accident in Glastonbury.

Casino bus crash comes after federal safety crackdown

Last month, a post on this blog touched upon an unfortunate tour bus crash involving Connecticut casino visitors that occurred back in March 2011. As a result of that incident, which injured fifteen passengers, authorities cracked down on bus operations in the area to ensure safety standards were at their peak. The efforts seemed fruitless recently when another tour bus accident occurred in a similar fashion on July 4, resulting in the hospitalization of 24 individuals.

Investigators say driver fatigue caused fatal bus accident

Car accidents which cause severe injuries and fatalities are tragic events. Bus accidents, where the vehicle has the propensity to carry many times more people than a car, can be catastrophic and heartbreaking. This is one way to describe a bus accident that occurred on the East Coast last year.

Automated system warns pedestrians when shuttle buses turn

In March of last year, a shuttle bus driver struck and killed a young University of Connecticut student while the young man was walking in a crosswalk. Police say that while the bus driver was driving under the speed limit, he waved to another shuttle bus driver moments before the incident. One year after the fatal bus accident, shuttle buses at the University of Connecticut are now giving pedestrians automated warnings as the buses turn corners.

3 children critically injured, one killed, in school bus accident

Parents like to think that their children will take the bus and arrive at school safe and sound. However, some parents had one of their worst nightmares come true last week when the school bus their children were riding on got into an accident with a dump truck. From that crash, an 11-year-old was killed, and three children were critically injured.