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Auto-Pedestrian Accidents Archives

Fatal accident takes the life of author Mercer Mayer's daughter

In the early morning hours of Saturday, June 11, the daughter of famed children's author Mercer Mayer was killed in an auto collision. The fatal accident occurred on Route 67 in Connecticut. The driver believed responsible for the crash suffered unspecified injuries in the wreck.

Pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle in Connecticut

Police in Connecticut are currently investigating an accident that left one person with serious injuries. A pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle was reportedly transported to a hospital in New Haven with unspecified injuries. This incident occurred late in the evening of May 7.

Questions and concerns one might have after a pedestrian accident

Sadly, numerous pedestrians in Connecticut have been struck by automobiles. Either as a victim of an auto-pedestrian accident or -- in the event of a fatality -- as a victim's surviving family member, it is not uncommon to have a number of questions and concerns after a pedestrian accident occurs. This column will try to address some of the common questions.

Connecticut pedestrian accident: Thousands of people hurt yearly

Pedestrian accidents occur rather frequently. In fact, across the country -- including in Connecticut -- thousands of people are injured yearly in auto-pedestrian accidents. When a pedestrian accident does occur, what can the victim or -- in the event of fatality -- his or her family member do to recover his or her losses?

Imparied driving believed responsible for pedestrian accident

A Connecticut man has been arrested for his alleged involvement in a multi-vehicle wreck and pedestrian accident. This incident reportedly occurred on Feb. 5, in Meriden. As a result of the pedestrian accident, the victim sustained numerous injuries, including a severed leg.

2 hurt in Connecticut hit-and-run pedestrian accident

Authorities in Connecticut are looking for the driver responsible for crashing into two pedestrians. This hit-and-run pedestrian accident reportedly occurred in the afternoon on Jan. 28, in Hamden. Both of the victims were transported to a hospital with serious injuries.

What damages are recoverable following a pedestrian accident?

A pedestrian accident can happen in the blink of an eye. One minute someone may be walking on the sidewalk, crossing the street, riding his or her bike or walking on the side of the road; the next minute they are down, having been hit by an automobile. A pedestrian accident can have serious to fatal outcomes. Sadly, too many individuals residing in Connecticut have been negatively affected by such events and have suffered greatly.