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Most common forms of distracted driving

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Personal Injury

Although car accidents happen for a variety of reasons, there are two general causation categories. Driver error is the reason behind the majority of accidents, but there are subcategories for this reason as well.

When considering driver error, distraction is near the top of the list as a primary reason behind car accidents. Though distractions are not malicious in nature, they can lead to serious accidents involving injury or death. These are some of the most common distractions.

1. Texting or talking on the phone

Cell phone use is a leading cause of distracted driving. Many states now rely on hands-free driving laws to curb this distraction, and these changes appear to work. According to the National Safety Council, there is evidence of a 5.5% decrease in fatal accidents in cell-phone related distracted driving over the last 10 years.

2. Manipulating or adjusting car controls

While it is helpful to have the heat or air conditioning to keep you comfortable from point A to point B, adjusting the knobs in your car can get you distracted. Whether you want to turn down the music or change the inputs on the GPS, a split second of multi-tasking can lead to trouble.

3. Talking to other passengers

It is nice to have company on your drive but getting too involved in the conversation can take your eye off the road. While you can talk and laugh, avoid turning your head to look at the other passengers.

These are three common distractions that can lead to car accidents. Others include eating or drinking, personal grooming or driving while tired.


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