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How a dash camera can help your personal injury case

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2022 | Personal Injury

Motor vehicle accidents not only cause major property damage, but they can also inflict severe injury on the people inside a car. If you sustain a catastrophic personal injury in an accident, you understandably might worry about how you will afford treatment.

It is often the case that receiving the compensation you deserve in an accident claim is a matter of proving fault. For that reason, installing a dash camera in your vehicle can be a huge benefit to you in the event that an unfortunate accident ever does occur.

The role of dash cameras in your injury claim

The dash camera in your vehicle is a valuable source of evidence following a car accident. While your dash only provides one specific viewing angle of the scene, this is often enough to prove that you are not at fault and that the accident is a result of another’s negligence. If necessary, you can provide multiple viewing angles by installing a rear camera and by requesting footage from any traffic cameras located near the scene.

Other benefits of dash cameras

There are several other reasons why installing a dash camera is in your best interest beyond the mere possibility of an accident. You can likely receive a safe driver discount on your insurance policy, or even combat insurance fraud. Dash cam footage is also useful in the event of vandalism or other criminal acts occurring near your vehicle.

Unfortunately, most insurance companies will not simply take you at your word when you say that an accident is not your fault. Evidence is often necessary in order to receive full compensation, and your dash camera can provide exactly what you need.


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