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3 tips for jogging safely during the summer months in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2022 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents

Only the most dedicated joggers will go out year-round in Connecticut. Most people will transition to indoor running or other exercises when the temperature starts to drop in late fall. However, the summer is a perfect time to stretch your legs and go for a jog.

The only downside to such exercise is that you are always at risk of a pedestrian collision with a motor vehicle. Although you can’t stop people from texting at the wheel or drinking and driving, there are a few steps that you can take to help keep yourself safer as a jogger on the Connecticut road.

Invest in reflectors or lights, maybe both

Making yourself visible is arguably the most important thing you can do to protect your own safety. Drivers often don’t look for joggers and other pedestrians, so they don’t see them until it is too late.

You can help draw their eyes by wearing gear or shoes with reflective surfaces and bright, attention-grabbing colors. Illuminated gear that lights up as you move can also make it difficult for drivers to ignore you on the road.

Plan your route carefully

Choosing a pedestrian path is infinitely safer than running directly next to vehicles. If you do intend to run on the road, think about where you need to cross and the speed limits for traffic. The higher the speed of the vehicles near you, the more likely you are to suffer of catastrophic or fatal injury when they strike you. Choosing routes where you will cross the road less frequently and encounter lower-speed traffic can help reduce your risk.

Don’t fall victim to distraction yourself

Listening to music or maybe a podcast while you jog can be a way to motivate yourself or help the time go more quickly, but it can also distract you from your environment. You need to be able to see and hear vehicles approaching you or people calling out to warn you.

A compromise might be to only wear one earbud as you jog so that you can always hear whatever happens near you while still enjoying some motivating music or your favorite podcast. Prioritizing safety will decrease your chances of a pedestrian crash when you go out for a summertime Connecticut jog.



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