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Fatal accident may reveal flaws on infamous stretch of road

Summer vacation is underway, and Connecticut drivers need to remain alert. The summer months often bring an increase in traffic, when kids are out of school and people often visit from out of town. Recently, fatal accident has caught the attention of the media, because it occurred on a stretch of road that is quickly becoming infamous. 

The recent tragedy has prompted a detailed investigation. So far, law enforcement has determined that a sedan and a dump truck became involved in the serious collision. The driver of the sedan was killed as a result. The dump truck went off the road and into a nearby body of water. The injured driver was able to escape and swim to shore, and a water rescue team and environmental experts were called to the scene. 

This is not the first fatal accident that has occurred on this particular stretch of road, which is located in New Milford on Route 7, along the Housatonic River. In the past few years, there have been at least three others. Now, people are asking the state to look into safety flaws in the area. It was noted that there is no guardrail in the vicinity where the dump truck went off the road into the water. The accident remains under investigation, as law enforcement tries to uncover details that may provide more clues regarding what caused the crash. 

When a fatal accident occurs in Connecticut, a victim's family may quickly become overwhelmed. Medical bills, damage to property, and final expenses such as burial costs can stack up. In some cases, a victim's estate may be entitled to monetary damages or compensation that can help cover these costs. A compassionate attorney can step in during this time of grief, helping the victim's family overcome the shock and loss, and allowing a family time to grieve a loss. 

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