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June 2019 Archives

Police seek information about hit-and-run pedestrian accident

Summer has officially begun, and Connecticut residents are out and about. With beautiful weather and so much to do, drivers need to remain vigilant and watch for people on foot. Sadly, each year, hundreds of people are injured or killed when they are struck by vehicles, and a recent hit-and-run pedestrian accident has police searching for clues. 

Fatal accident may reveal flaws on infamous stretch of road

Summer vacation is underway, and Connecticut drivers need to remain alert. The summer months often bring an increase in traffic, when kids are out of school and people often visit from out of town. Recently, fatal accident has caught the attention of the media, because it occurred on a stretch of road that is quickly becoming infamous. 

New strategies might increase risk of train accident

Connecticut commuters may have already seen the news about positive train control, the innovative new safety technology that removes a lot of potential for human operator error. Positive train control is to be implemented nationwide by next year. With some railways already utilizing the technology meant to reduce the risk of a train accident, customers and experts have already noticed potential snags.